Lily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM Series)
By Suzie R Housley
Jan 30, 2015 - 5:00:00 AM

Two years ago, Barry felt that he had found the perfect sub in Lily.  He was convinced she was the “one” that he offered to take their BDSM relationship to a new higher level.  Barry’s offer frightened Lily, when her mother became sick she ran away to care for her.

An unknown beneficiary seeks out Barry through a lawyer.  The unknown person wants to fund Barry to start a BDSM Carnivore Club in Las Vegas.  Barry knows that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and makes the decision to resign from his job in the police force and start a new life in Las Vegas.

Lily never forgot what she and Barry shared.  With the death of her mother, she uses her money to set up a 1Night Stand with Madame Eve.  She hopes the encounter with the nameless Dom will give her the courage she needs to return to Barry’s arms.

What Lily didn’t anticipate is that the Dom Madam Eve sets her up with is none other than Barry.  Will their reunion be one with explosive results?  Or will Barry reject her coming back into his life?

LILY IN CHAINS is an exceptional BDSM romance.  Through Kate Richards’s talented pen, she is able to provide one sizzling romance.  Fans of BDSM will not be able to resist Lily and Barry as their reunion singes the pages.

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