Lime Ricky
By Sarah W
May 1, 2006 - 11:40:00 AM

Gretchen Darrow has just moved to New York for her new job as set supervisor at the Cooking Channel. She's thrilled with the change and has high hopes for the future. Unfortunately, a fire in her new home is not how she wanted to celebrate the big changes in her life. Nor is getting yelled at by the handsome firefighter who rescues her part of the plan. However, she puts it out of her mind when she starts her new job, determined to focus on the positives in her life.

The last person Gretchen expects to see is that same handsome firefighter at her job! Rick Pellucci is doing a favor for his brother Brett, aka Romeo Romero, the hottest chef at the Cooking Channel. Brett has been getting some threatening e-mails and letters and Rick agreed to see if anyone suspicious is hanging around Brett. Rick certainly never expected to see the feisty and gorgeous Gretchen again. He's pleased though. He feels bad about the way he treated her and if his smoldering attraction is anything to go by, he'd love the chance to get to know her. But issues creep up when it appears Gretchen wants to get to know Brett. And besides, Rick is here to help his brother, not to meet a girl. But neither can quite put the other out of their head and when more unexpected meetings occur, sparks start flying. Things change though when a dead body is discovered!

LIME RICKY is the latest mad cap tale of lust, romance, and mystery from Jill Winters. Ms. Winters has really honed her skills at crafting mysteries because this story ups the ante on the who-dunnit with a cast of crafty, vicious, and shallow possible murder suspects. Gretchen's optimistic and sweet personality sets off some serious heat with Rick's more gruff and taciturn personality. They seem incompatible but as it happens, murder becomes the perfect excuse for a little flirting. Rick's continued support of his brother is endearing, even when it seems Brett really doesn't deserve it. Gretchen shines as the witty, engaging and sardonic-edged heroine who can't say no to her big strong firefighter. The laughs kept coming in this twisted caper and while one would think that murder is the scariest element Gretchen and Rick have to deal with, it proves to be the challenging chefs at the Cooking Channel who help to keep this story hopping. LIME RICKY is an enthusiastic and downright inviting story that mixes love, murder, and lots of spicy characters to create an indelible read. Ms. Winters has certainly shown her growth as a writer in this spirited romp.

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