Liquid Assets
By Angel
Feb 6, 2006 - 2:17:00 PM

Cassie Prescott has a problem, her aunt has died and left her a substantial amount of money.  The thing is she can’t touch it until she gets married or until she turns thirty.  Cassie has major plans including starting her own business and isn’t about to wait to do it.  Nathan, her best friend’s brother, is the only person who might be willing to help her.  Will he accept her proposal or send her packing?

Nathan knows from the second Cassie comes to him that something isn’t right, but when she proposes that they get married temporarily he figures she is just after her aunt’s money.  He never figured on how determined Cassie could be, or that he would also have to deal with his meddling sister.  He can’t explain his feelings for Cassie are much deeper than she knows.  Can he help her with her problem without losing his heart?


LIQUID ASSETS is a wonderful tale of love and the focus is not on race, but the love that develops between the main characters.  Cassie is bold and not afraid of going after what she wants and doing whatever it takes to get it.  Nathan has known Cassie for a long time, so that gives him plenty of background to work from.  Together the sparks fly every time they are in the same room.  The plot is interesting and keeps the reader turning the pages.  This is the first book that I have read by Layne Blacque and she is certainly an author I will keep an eye for in the future.

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