Lisa's Gift
By Natasha Smith
Apr 10, 2007 - 9:13:00 AM

The victim of domestic abuse growing up, Jana learned the hard way to depend on and trust no one.  Breaking free years ago, Jana has decided to move back home with the help and encouragement of her best friend, Lisa, the only person Jana has ever relied on in the past.  However, Jana’s trust will be tested more than once, especially where Nicolas Marchetti, Lisa’s Dom and Jana’s secret high school crush, is concerned.  Overwhelmingly attracted to Nicolas, Jana is horrified by her renewed fascination; that is, until Lisa convinces her otherwise.  Still wary of betraying the closest and most cherished friend she has ever had, Jana fights her desire for Nicolas.  Fate doesn’t seem to care because the more Jana fights, the harder she falls. 

Nicolas doesn’t know or understand why Lisa is so adamant that he like her friend Jana.  That is, until he sees her and experiences complete arousal just by breathing the same air as she.  He and Lisa have the perfect D/s relationship - no commitment and great sex - but with Jana’s arrival, Nicolas finds himself enraptured.  It isn’t until weeks later that Nicolas realizes what has been going on right under his nose. 


Sitting down to read LISA’S GIFT by Mackenzie McKade, I knew that I was in for a good story.  I had no idea the plethora of emotions this book would wring from me.  Elation, sadness and ultimately joy – LISA’S GIFT pretty much took me full circle.  I loved being a witness to Jana’s blossoming and tutorage under Nicolas and Lisa.  An unwitting hero, Nicolas was the epitome of manhood; good looking, forceful and respectful.  His ability to love and care for Jana, as well as Lisa, increased my curiosity about this sort of lifestyle.  Nicolas’ true love for Jana came through and I sat in wonder watching in satisfaction from the sidelines.


While LISA’S GIFT does have some female sexual interaction, I can not imagine it being portrayed any other way.  Beautifully characterized and skillfully written, this story put me in awe of Mackenzie McKade’s ability as an author.  Ms. McKade never fails to captivate me with her storylines, her characters, and her capacity to make me feel emotions as if I was part of the story.  This is one book that I am going to read over and over.


LISA’S GIFT was released on April 10, 2007 from Samhain Publishing.

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