The Wilde Sisters, book 3 - Lissa: Sugar and Spice
By Dottie
Mar 16, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Melissa ‘Lissa’ Wilde, a trained chef, grew up on the huge ranch, known as El Suẽno, in West Texas, with her three brothers and two sisters. As the children of a four star general, they spent most of their time without their father, but the siblings have a very close relationship. Despite this, Lissa wants to make a name for herself without relying on the Wilde name. So, for the past three years, she has lived in Los Angeles, hoping to become a chef. Unlike her siblings, who have all found the loves of their lives, Lissa’s relationships with men have been disastrous. So she has given up on them. In her time in LA, she has hooked up with three guys, all useless jerks. One had even given her the opportunity of being an executive chef at his new restaurant. But once she had the place up and going, he had shown his true colors on opening night. Since then, she has only been able to get menial jobs. Now, at twenty-seven, she is celebrating her birthday alone and looking for work. So when her agent from Cooks Unlimited calls and offers her a position as a chef on a ranch in Montana, she accepts, believing she will be heading up the kitchen at a Montana resort. But when she arrives in the midst of a snowstorm, the ranch is not at all what she had envisioned.

Nick Gentry is a well-known actor, but a serious accident has left him with a limp and constant pain. So he has escaped to his family’s ranch, the Triple G, which he now owns, in Montana, away from the media and everyone else, except his ranch hands. With half a dozen men to feed, Nick was in serious need of a cook, so, using a pseudonym, he contacted Cooks Unlimited, requesting a male cook. When they called back, letting him know that Lissa Wilde would be arriving the next day, he was not happy, but he had no choice. One blogger had once referred to him as the Clint Eastwood of the Twenty-First Century, but now he used booze to cover the pain of his injuries.

It was bad enough being picked up from the airport by a scruffy, mean-tempered cowboy and being delivered to a rundown working ranch, instead of the resort she had envisioned. But then she discovers that the cupboards are bare, they are snowed in and she is expected to cook dinner for the burly men gathered at the dinner table. Soon the heated words exchanged between Nick and Lissa turns into heat of another type as the two land in bed together. Can they trust what they have found in each other, or will they come to regret their actions?

A truly entertaining read, LISSA: SUGAR AND SPICE, the third book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton’s THE WILDE SISTERS series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance that I hated to see end. Together, Nick and Lissa are combustible, like lighting a match to gasoline, and their snarky banter is hilarious. As a couple, they are a delight. Additionally, readers get the pleasure of visiting with the Wilde gang once more. I have loved every story in this series, but this just may be the best one yet.

Brimming with stunning scenery, sizzling passion, emotion, humor, healing, clever repartee, romance and tender love, as well as a surprising twist at the end, this story is one you will want to read more than once. Although Ms. Marton wraps up this series beautifully with Lissa’s story, I cannot wait to read her upcoming IN WILDE COUNTRY series. If you are looking for a terrific read with loads of humor, heat and a helping of sass and fireworks, this is the book for you. Definitely a Recommended Read!

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