Little Big Heart
By Cat Cody
Dec 1, 2005 - 6:34:00 PM

Widowed father Dr. Daniel Lucas misses his late wife fiercely. Seeing a beautiful woman lying in a coma opens up wounds he'd rather not face again. Something about this stranger, known only as Cassie, brings up feelings he can't explain. He feels connected to her in some way, and apparently his son Joey feels it too. If only she'd open her eyes so he could see if she felt it too.

In Montana of 1876 life for Cassie Riley isn't easy. Her abusive husband Bobby Lee abandoned her and her son Joey three months ago and she's fighting off a greedy neighbor who wants her land. When a drifter who calls himself Doc offers to work for her in exchange for room and board, she reluctantly hires him. She can't do all the work by herself and she can't sell the farm without Bobby Lee's signature. Even if he did abandon her, until she hears he's dead she can't be sure she's not a married woman-which is making resisting Doc that much harder.

As Daniel fights to keep his Cassie alive in modern day Montana, Doc fights against his attraction to his Cassie in 1876. What do the two women have in common? How can the lessons of a woman fighting for survival in the eighteen hundreds have any bearing on a woman lying in a coma now? And can Cassie figure it out in time to save her life?

LITTLE BIG HEART is a book like no other. Ms. Wilson delicately interweaves past and present into a fascinating tale that will keep you turning pages to see what happens next. The mystery of what happened to present day Cassie will keep you guessing even as you discover what Doc has hidden in his heart. Ms. Wilson provides a terrific read for both lovers of historical fiction and contemporary romance. LITTLE BIG HEART makes you realize that love is indeed timeless.

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