Little Girl Gone

Author: Drusilla Campbell

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Release Date: Jan 31, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Madora Welles has suffered the loss of her father to suicide and is on a devil's tear to party hearty and live her life like there is no tomorrow. She and her best friend, Kay Kay, attend a party one night that is rife with alcohol and drugs. A new drug is offered to her, and she partakes and goes into a crank-induced oblivion.

A biker-type man walks into the party and takes Madora under his wing. His name is Willis and they become a couple. Madora really believes that Willis is the love of her life and that he will protect and love her forever. Madora fights her mother about the relationship and ends up leaving to go make her way in life with Willis.

Willis and Madora go to live in an old abandoned shack in the mountains. For a while, Madora works as a waitress at a local restaurant. Then it becomes obvious that Willis doesn't want her to work, so she quits and stays home while Willis works as a private homecare giver and also at a convalescent home. Willis is attempting to go to school to become a doctor, or so that is what he would have Madora believe.

Madora cleans the house, and adopts stray animals, including a baby coyote and a Pit Bull puppy that she names Foo.  Willis brings home a girl, Linda, who is pregnant. He places this girl in a trailer that is located on the property and ties her to the bed so she cannot get free. Madora feeds and takes care of her while he is working. Madora highly dislikes the girl, but takes care of her because that is what is expected. That is what is making Willis happy.

We are now introduced to Django Jones, who has lost both of his parents; his father a rock god, and his mother to a fatal car accident. Django comes from a life of luxury and after the death of his parents, is sent to live with his aunt, Robin, who is not married, has no children and has been estranged from her sister for a very long time. Django and Madora connect at this time through Foo, Madora's adopted dog.

The book helps you understand the need of individuals to connect with someone, even if that person is not the person you should be connected to. The predatory nature of some individuals is brought to light in a manner that will make you cringe, but is brought across so well, that you come away with an understanding of how others manipulate someone with brainwashing, etc.

The infinite fine line between Madora's reality, Django's reality and Willis' reality are drawn and hard to cross, but are melded for your understanding. The real world is as far from Madora as we are from Mars.  Drusilla Campbell does a wonderful job of drawing you into Madora's unreality and making you realize that she believes that it is reality.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Joanne

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