Campus Cravings: Live For Today
By jhayboy
Nov 27, 2008 - 7:32:52 AM

Luc, investment banker and long term partner of Justin is at the end of his tether about what to do in regards to the ever increasing amount of time Justin spends involved with his work, with little or no regard for his health or the people that loves him.

Knowing that something had to give and wanting to preempt it before it arrived, Luc begs Justin to take it easier and make an appointment to see the doctor. Watching a train wreck about to happen and not being able to do anything about it is not easy; yet when Luc gets the call that Justin has been admitted to the hospital, his whole world falls apart.

With both men facing their own demons, Justin’s unexpected illness, have them re-evaluating their relationship and the realization that they have just been given a second chance.

I can honestly say I could hardly wait for the release of this book, and at no point was I more thankful for the six hours time difference than I was today. Firstly I was dreading the end of the CAMPUS CRAVINGS SERIES, as it’s always a pleasure to see what new twist and turn Ms. Lynne gives to her plot and what new drama she has dropped her characters into.

Justin is where he wants to be, with a partner who loves him and who he loves more than anything else. A team and sporting unit, that not only relies on him, but who are also on the brink of giving him his ultimate goal. What he has failed to see however, was what is directly in front of him. In his quest to have it all, he has not only alienated the man he loves; but also forgotten what the important things in life are.

Luc, while being the supportive partner is fed up to the back teeth of what he considers Justin’s total disregard for himself and for the love that he feels for him. When he is challenged beyond anything he has ever had to deal with, he quickly makes a pledge “to live for today” - but in the big scheme of things, it take Justin’s co-operation to make it work.

After seeing the men through the last eleven books being the rock and that supportive shelter that students, players, friends and friend of friends have come to expect, it is almost a shock to see the role reversal of Justin and Luc. Luc has had to step up to the plate and become the dominant partner in their relationship - the strong one, the one who not only takes the moans and the groan but also the unexpected. We, the readers, are treated to a side of Luc that we have never seen before. While being funny, caring and loyal, he is also a very determined partner who can get just as creative with the best of them.

Justin has totally changed, literally before our eyes. Be warned - by page thirty I was an absolute mess – CAMPUS CRAVINGS: LIVE FOR TODAY is a very emotional read; while I like a happy ending, I was impressed with how Ms. Lynne, not only handles the great loses these men went through, but the wonderful gain in store for them.

It’s with great sadness that I say goodbye to the wonderful CAMPUS CRAVINGS SERIES, and it’s with joy to know I have these wonderful stories to turn to, when I am looking for that one really good book to snuggle down with.

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