Lone Star Woman
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 13, 2009 - 11:59:27 AM

Jude Strayhorn is determined to be the one to bring her family’s ranching dynasty into the future.  After all it only makes sense that she be the one to inherit the Circle C.  Unfortunately her dad and grandfather don’t see things the same way she does – they’re old fashioned and because she’s a female they’re pushing her to marry.  Jude is smart enough to realize that if she intends to ever convince them that she’s capable of running the Circle C she’s going to have to take matters into her own hands.

Brady Fallon is newly divorced and moved to Willard County where he’s inherited the 6-0 ranch from his aunt.  The place is rundown and in need of some serious TLC and cash in order to get it turned around into a profitable ranch again.  Along with his divorce he had been forced to liquidate his company and then there’s always child support to worry about but for now Brady feels a ray of hope in owning this small piece of land.


Despite the fact that her family is well-to-do and she’s an heiress Jude working isn’t necessary but she holds a job teaching at a local school.  Her true dream lies in acquiring the 6-0 ranch which butts up against the Circle C and making a success out of the run down ranch with the money her grandmother left in trust for her.  However that plan meets with disappointment when she discovers that Margie Wallace left the property to her nephew.  Fortunately she hadn’t informed her father or grandfather of her plans so she won’t have to listen to them rant over that.  The same night she discovers that Brady’s inherited the 6-0 she learns that he’s also been hired on as a Circle C ranch hand.  What’s even more confusing is her grandfather’s reaction to the whole situation.  Sure the Campbell-Strayhorn family has skeletons in the closet but something tells Jude that there’s more to the story than she’s been privy to and she makes the decision to help Brady – even if it displeases her family.  Brady knows that getting involved in any fashion with Jude is going to be disastrous if/when her family finds out but denying her is almost impossible.  Can he trust this woman who has designs of her own on his property to not betray him and help him make it a success?


LONE STAR WOMAN is full of family secrets, disappointments, heartbreak, friendship, love and hope.  Sadie Callahan successfully brings these characters to life and involves the reader in every step of their transition from casual acquaintances to friends to lovers.  Jude’s need to prove herself to her family is what truly caught my interest though.  There’s no doubt that she loves her father, grandfather and various other people who reside at the Circle C but she’s never been given the opportunity to do what her heart desires and be a real part of the ranching operation – because she was born a female.  Brody’s situation with his ex-wife and son is equally captivating and heart wrenching.  When you combine these two spirited characters there are sure to be sparks and it’s impossible not to love getting burned – just a little.


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