Lonely Hearts
By Kris Jones
Mar 2, 2009 - 12:43:20 PM

Caleb Wilson, a flamboyant wedding planner who came out of the closet long ago, is finding it harder to watch his clients enjoy their happily-ever-afters. He’s been alone too long, without a lover, without a love. He longs for a nice guy with whom to share his life but so far, no one has caught his eye. Until… Caleb is planning a re-commitment ceremony for his parents and takes his mother’s ring to have it reset. The moment he meets the gaze of the designer, James Morgan, he knows there’s a connection. He thinks Jim feels the electricity, too, and would bet the other man is interested, but with no clear signal he isn’t sure.

James Morgan can’t believe the flash of sexual energy that transpired between him and his client, Caleb Wilson. For a few moments he couldn’t hide his desire. Quickly though, he shuttered his feelings and let Caleb leave the store. James won’t deny his attraction, but he denies being gay—especially to himself. He knows his father expects him to marry and provide grandchildren.


Jim’s mother left his father years before, nearly destroying him. For Jim to admit that he’s nothing like what his father expects is more than he can handle. Instead, Jim takes pleasure on the sly with male prostitutes—no commitment on his part means not having to confess his difference and acknowledge his father’s disappointment. Until Caleb wandered into the jewelry store, Jim thought he could deal with the situation. Now he determines to avoid temptation by staying far away from Caleb.


If only it was that easy. After their initial meeting, it seems everywhere Jim goes he runs into Caleb. At the gym they share a kiss. During a wedding reception they share a sexual encounter. At Caleb’s house they share a night. Each time Jim swears it’s the last, but he can’t keep his distance. When it’s obvious the men care strongly for each other, Caleb wants Jim to join him in the open, admitting who he really is. It isn’t until Jim reveals a dark secret that Caleb understands why Jim hesitates. But is there even more to the story than Jim knows? And when he learns the whole truth, will he feel the same about Caleb?


I enjoyed Adrianna Dane’s LONELY HEARTS, especially the two main characters. Caleb’s cheerful acceptance of who he is and his loneliness blend to form a realistic person. Jim’s reason for denying his nature is also realistic. The book centers around the two of them, but the small supporting cast plays their parts well. Ms. Dane gives the two professions, but their work doesn’t intrude greatly in the story, so the reader is engaged in feelings, not the workings of diamond cutting or the intricacies of planning weddings. Natalie Winters’ hot cover is just the beginning. Turn the page to enjoy a hot story. Nice job, Ms. Dane.

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