Long Hard Ride
By Natasha Smith
Jun 15, 2007 - 7:26:00 AM

Channing has struggled her entire life to be the person her mother and father desire.  Fun loving and mischievous, she is stifled in the society where her parents are so comfortable.  Always on the outside looking in, Channing just wants one summer of freedom; freedom to be what she wants, when she wants, especially when those wants include a sexy cowboy who promises to fulfill all of her fantasies.  Add in his two sinfully erotic roommates and Channing’s dreams just might be fulfilled.

Colby McKay has been watching and waiting for Channing Kinkaid to set her sights on him.  Desiring her like none before, he sits back and allows her to come to him.  And she does.  With a proposition as bold as the wind, Channing promises to fulfill all of his needs, even those that include sharing her with his fellow rodeo roommates.  Colby doesn’t count on coming to yearn for Channing to be his alone.  What happens when the rodeo season ends?


LONG HARD RIDE hogtied me and would not let me go until I read every bit of this delightfully sexy tale.  I am fascinated by the rodeo circuit and I really liked how Ms. James took the reader into the workings and politics of how rodeos are run and managed.   I found myself immersed and anxious when reading scenes of bull riding and calf roping.  Channing’s characterization could be any young woman yearning for a bit of fun before starting a new life and job.  She is brassy and sassy, and I adored her independence.  Colby, in turn, made me melt when he smiled.  And when he smiled at Channing I knew his frisky, no holds barred kind of loving was headed her way.


Lorelei James has written a bold novel with LONG HARD RIDE.  Sinfully erotic, poignant at times, and basically just plain wonderful, LONG HARD RIDE is simply delightful.  Hang on to your cowboy hats because this book is scorching hot!



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