Long, Lean and Lethal
By Noelle
Nov 3, 2009 - 12:42:42 PM

Detective Rain Huxtable was on a mission. When her investigation into the swinger murders stalls, she finds herself paired with a handsome FBI agent, and sent undercover as a swinger couple. Initially resistant to the idea, she soon discovers that her new partner has a lot more going for him then meets the eye, and her life might not be the only thing at risk.

Special Agent Noah Kayne knew he was going to have problems when he was assigned to work undercover in cooperation with local police. In his experience, local police were never very willing to work with feds. When he met his new partner, he was stunned. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was a crack investigator. As their mission proceeded, Noah finds himself falling for Rain, but does their budding relationship have a future? After all, eventually their mission will end, and Noah will have to go back to his real job. What will happen to them then? Or will the killer strike again and solve their problem for them?

As the tension between Noah and Rain escalates, the need to find the killer deepens. New friends add to the mix creating a volatile combination just waiting for the right spark. When the powder keg finally erupts, will Noah and Rain be left standing?

With a interesting back story, an intriguing mystery, and a budding romance, LONG, LEAN AND LETHAL has it all. Noah is the perfect alpha hero, with just the right amount of emotional insecurity to make him realistic. Rain also had her own vulnerabilities, which helped keep her from being too overbearing. The romantic tension between Noah and Rain kept me on the edge of my seat, and gave the story a whole new element. Well done!

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