Longing for Kayla
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 6, 2013 - 8:34:58 PM

Jesse, Chris and Kayla have been the best of friends for years.  They’ve always been able to count on each other in times of need.  Even their jobs are supportive of each other.  Jesse’s a paramedic, Chris is a police officer and Kayla is a social worker.  What they’ve never done is turned to each other in any romantic sense though secretly all three of them have harbored long denied desires for the others.

When Kayla’s birthday ski weekend turns out to be a disaster thanks to her idiot boyfriend, Kayla hoofs it to Jesse and Chris’s cabin for a little emotional support and companionship.  She soon reveals that she dumped Matt because he orchestrated a ménage for their weekend – with a woman, her fantasy doesn’t involve another woman, she wants two men in her bed.  What she doesn’t realize is that Jesse and Chris have strong feelings for her and gifting her with her fantasy would certainly be no hardship on their part. It would be a bonafide pleasure. 


There’s no denying that there’s genuine chemistry between Jesse, Chris and Kayla – and their sexual interactions are off the charts, but it’s obvious that there’s something going on between Jesse and Chris that just isn’t quite right … yet!  Jesse and Chris’s sexual focus is on Kayla but she’s sensing some chemistry between the men and soon realizes that Jesse is in love with Chris.  Kayla firmly believes there are no diehard rules in love, and encourages Jesse to test the waters where Chris is concerned – and the results are favorable … and then devastating.


Chris has been in love with Kayla for as long as he can remember and honestly never imagined he’d have any romantic feelings for anyone else – especially a man, definitely not Jesse.  He has no idea how to handle his mixed emotions or even put voice to the contrasting thoughts running through his head.  If he doesn’t figure it out soon, he runs the risk of losing the two people who mean the most to him in the world.  Can he accept that love between the three of them should simply be… with no condemnation.


Lauren Fraser’s LONGING FOR KAYLA is a relatively short ‘friends to lovers’ story with a twist.  The friendship between Kayla, Jesse and Chris is changed in a huge way and not just because it’s morphing in a romantic sense.  Chris is discovering things about himself he hadn’t considered before – namely that he harbors romantic feelings for another man.  If it wasn’t for Kayla Chris and Jesse might have never moved beyond friendship, but with her there’s a freedom to just be themselves and explore the possibilities.  I really love that Ms. Fraser allows her characters to grow emotionally and conveys their confusion due to the situation to the reader.  The sex scenes are scorching and the emotional angst is off the charts yet there’s a playfulness to this threesome that just makes them feel very real and keeps the reader’s attention to the very last page – and even then I wanted more.


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