Looking for Trouble
By Sarah W
Oct 20, 2014 - 1:11:16 PM

Sophie Heyer works at the library in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She leads a quiet life and wants to keep it that way. She keeps her true desires buttoned-up, hidden from the world. She has to keep her nose clean in Jackson Hole. Sophie has no desire to bring up the past that still creates havoc for her family.

Alex Bishop has no desire whatsoever to come back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He fled the town as a young man and coming back is like having a sore tooth poked at: painful. Then he spies Sophie. She is gorgeous and goes toe-to-toe with him in a battle of words that are incredibly arousing. Unfortunately, she refuses to go out with him for more than one night, no matter how strong the chemistry is between them. Little does Alex realize that his last name is the big problem. Sophie's mom ran away with his dad years ago and the residents of Jackson Hole have not forgotten. More importantly, his mom has not forgotten and she already makes Sophie's life uncomfortable. Alex is not letting Sophie go that easily, however.

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE is so, so good. It is sexy, romantic and exemplifies great storytelling with characters I liked. Alex may seem like a stereotypical biker hero but there are hidden layers to him that become fleshed out as the story continues. His interactions with his brother and their mother are always tinged with a hint of sadness because they are not on the same wavelength at all. That changes as the story continues, but learning about Alex's childhood was depressing and incredibly unstable as he was forced to pull up stakes on a whim when his mom received a clue about his dad's location. It is easy to relate to why he does not want to return to Jackson Hole.

Sophie is a fabulous character. She may hide her light under a bush but once it's fully aflame, well, Sophie embraces it. The scenes between Sophie and Alex run the gamut from sweet and sassy, to amusing, to emotionally charged as these two discuss their shared past. Despite the sometimes serious tone this book takes, it is truly a pleasurable reading experience. Alex and Sophie own the pages of this story!

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE is the first book in Victoria Dahl's new JACKSON: GIRLS' NIGHT OUT series. This is exactly the kind of story you will want to pass among your friends and if you all don't have a bit of a crush on Alex by the end, I would be very surprised! LOOKING FOR TROUBLE will please all contemporary romance readers!

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