Loose Diamonds
By Tara James
Oct 14, 2004 - 3:31:00 AM

Cherise Sartori was just looking for a good time. The last thing she expected on her latest trip to Rio de Janeiro was to be kidnapped by one of the best looking men she has seen in a long time. Turns out that being attracted to her captor, rogue archeologist Leif Gerritsen, is only the beginning of her problems. Cherise soon finds herself involved in the ultimate plot to unearth a hidden vampire. All her captors need is an ounce of her blood.

Evelyn Tay needed Cherise Sartori for one thing and one thing only, to help unlock the ancient vampire from his tomb. Evelyn teams up with Leif and Cherise’s not so nice Uncle Laslo, and is determined to capture the vampire at any cost. Cherise and Leif must join forces to protect not only themselves with the entire world.

Daria Karpova' s debut novel LOOSE DIAMONDS is filled with heart stopping action and suspense from the moment the reader finishes the first page. The plot is fast moving and keeps the reader in its grasp throughout the entire story. Well constructed characters and vivid descriptions only add to Karpova's fabulous story. If you love action, romance with a little paranormal thrown in then LOOSE DIAMONDS is the book for you!

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