Teamwork - Loose Ends
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2007 - 3:51:41 PM

Matt and Allie’s vacation is cut short when Matt receives the phone call letting him know that Sumner, the man he’d spent two years undercover investigating, has been extradited to New York and made bail. Matt’s cover was never blown and he wasn’t arrested with the rest of Sumner’s cronies. Sumner has been calling his Matteo Lombardi cell phone and it looks like he’s trying to round up his men who weren’t arrested with him. Matt once again has to go undercover, but leaving Allie behind isn’t something he’s prepared to do either. She already has a cover in place as Samantha Shaw, a call girl, so she goes with him.



Matt briefed Allie on the goings on of the two years he spent undercover and they’re on their way to resume their undercover assignments and hopefully get the information they need on Sumner to have him put away for good. During the flight, Allie begins to feel like something is off. She’s jumpy and feels a need to pace. Maybe it’s the newness of her relationship with Matt or going undercover with a man she’s falling in love with that’s causing the whirlwind of emotions. While Matt is napping, Allie notices that a news program follows the in-flight movie. The program is about Sumner and she pays close attention to the men in the background of the shots for future references. She’s stunned when one of the clips shows her and Matteo’s fateful encounter up against a wall while Sumner’s men watched. She’s hopeful that maybe the picture is too grainy for anyone to recognize them - no such luck!

Soon after arriving in Las Angeles, where they meet their bosses for the next stage of the journey, Matt and Allie note that they have phone calls from their mothers on their personal cell phones. Both mother’s saw the news and they aren’t happy. Bob James and Herb Walker, their bosses, update them on the latest goings on in the Sumner case as well as problems stemming from the airing of the video - fellow agent Gordon Kidwell’s cover is publicly blown, and since Gordon’s estranged wife swore that Allie is also a special agent, it’s only a matter of time before her identification is confirmed as well. It’s risky for Allie to go in as a special agent on this case now, but she isn’t going to leave Matt to this assignment alone. Will they be able to stay together and continue with the charade long enough for Sumner to believe they are exactly who they claim to be? Will they even remain unharmed long enough to make it to New York and Sumner?

Caitlyn Willows presents readers with the third book in her TEAMWORK series - LOOSE ENDS. If you’ve already read INSIDE MAN and LAYING LOW then you’re familiar with Matt and Allie’s story. This addition to the TEAMWORK series is still full of sexual tension and ‘oh my’ scenes that kept me enthralled in the story but there’s also an added excitement and anticipation as they prepare to go back undercover in such a risky situation. Ms. Willows introduces a new character in this book with whom readers will be intrigued - Simon Petrocelli - is he one of the good guys or one of the bad? Believe me, you’ll want to find out much more about him, and fortunately he is in both the last books in this series - A REAL MAN and NEVER TOO LATE.

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