Lord Demon's Delight

Author: Gia Dawn

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 23, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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  An aristocratic beauty with flaming red hair to match her combustive nature, Lady Jessaline Nolan is caught in a web of intrigue, starting with a marriage arranged since birth to a bishop’s illegitimate son.  Ever known for her defiant temperament, Jessaline’s latest insubordinate act, her refusal of the union, promises serious repercussions from her affluent father’s brutal hand.  In the heat of her nuptial rejection at the church, Jessaline blindly proclaims she would rather wed a demon of Dunmore than her intended.

In saunters Lord Llewellyn Dunmore, a wickedly handsome rogue of a male with dastardly noble intentions of offering himself up as Jessaline’s groom.  Llewellyn’s only condition for the marriage – that she submit to his every sexual whim.  While Jessaline’s acceptance of the lewd proposition both shocks and excites Llew, he also realizes that his future bride is no mere damsel in distress.  Armed with wills of steel, an inordinate amount of desperation, and the mystical aid of three eccentric fairy godmothers determined to see the lovers through, both Llew and Jessaline flee to the Dunmore estate.


With Lord Nolan in hot pursuit and sexual tensions instinctually mounting between Llew and Jessaline, the lovers are sure to spend every moment they can enjoying the sexual freedom of newlyweds.  But as deceptions are exposed and truths finally spoken can their newfound happiness continue to thrive despite the overwhelming odds? 


Gia Dawn’s LORD DEMON’S DELIGHT has all the charm and allure of a sweetly erotic fairy tale – fairy godmothers charged with paving the way for young love, a domineering father, a beautiful heroine enthralled by her scandalous hero, and the anticipated happy-ever-after.  The love scenes are tender with just enough earthiness to evoke memories of one’s first touch, first kiss, first climax.  LORD DEMON’S DELIGHT is sure to enchant.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris

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