By Jodi
Aug 1, 2005 - 6:11:00 AM

Shaken by betrayal, Lorelei stood on the cliff to lure sailors to their deaths. She soon found that revenge on innocents wasn't satisfying. Full of remorse, she divesoff the cliff in hopes of dying herself. Instead the fates have given her a chance at redemption. She understands what she needs to do when she hears the cries of pain from the people all around her. She chooses one special little girl to help and comfort; Amanda.


The loss of her grandmother has taught Amanda to fear death. Subsequent losses reinforce this fear. Amanda is determined not to love any one else, for they can be taken from her at any moment. Lorelei has a tough road ahead of her inteaching Amanda how to deal with tragedy and getting on with life. And more importantly, to learn to love.

At times Amanda is sure she's going crazy. It seems that when she needs comfort the most, she is filled with a sense of peace, or feels a gentle touch on her shoulder. The most eerie thingof all, is when she sees the mirage like image of a woman in the distance.

Amanda is a mystery to Gabriel. At times she shows such carefree innocence, only to have it chased away by the shadows in her eyes. He wants only to see happiness in her eyes. Maybe, with the help of Amanda's self-appointed guardian, Gabe can chase away the shadows and fill Amanda with the love he believes that she deserves.


We watch Amanda grow from an imaginative, if confused, little girl to an equally imaginative and cautious woman. Ms. Derby Bingley's LORELEI is a beautiful story based on a doleful legend. Have tissues handy because LORELEI brings tears to your eyes and laughter to your heart. This was such a heartfelt story. Ms. Derby Bingley pours such emotion into her characters the reader cannot help but be swept away with the drama. Life, at times, can press down on us. We learn that everything is not all roses, andoft times the bad seems to overshadow the good. LORELEI is a story that brings the roses to the surface.

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