Lorie's Heart - Well's Landing #3

Author: Amy Lillard

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: July 28, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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LORIE'S HEART has the Amish and their beliefs at its core but once again there is the pull to the Englisch world that causes much sadness and heartache.  Lorie is heartbroken when she learns after her father's death that he led lives in both the Amish and Englisch worlds and all is not as it seems.  As she looks for answers and finds more than she bargained for where will it take her and where will she find peace, happiness and love?

Lillard's LORIE'S HEART, BOOK 3 in THE WELLS LANDING SERIES, reunites us with many of the characters we've met before - Lorie and her family, Luke, Caroline, Andrew and Emily and her family amongst others and introduces us to others.  Once again the story was not what I expected with the twists and turns as well as the many interactions between the Amish and the Englischers.  Luke who has turned his back on the Amish way of life plays a strong role in this book as does Zach, Betty and the table eight residents at Sundale Retirement and Assisted Living Center. Lorie is supposed to be taking baptism classes with the Bishop and joining the church so she and Jonah can be married but after meeting Zach, her Englisch grandmother, Betty, and finding out a lot of her father's secrets she's more confused than ever.  As she immerses herself in both worlds, she gets more and more confused about where she belongs especially since she has her own secrets like her hobby of painting which is frowned upon by the Amish.  Watching her and Zach's interactions was heartwarming as was her interactions with the senior citizens at Sundale.  Zach and she have an immediate connection and chemistry but realize they come from two different worlds and he tries to take things slow. There are lies, secrets, hurts, betrayal, anger, tears, fear of the unknown, romance, love, happiness, laughter, lots of prayers and ultimately a happily ever after.  There was nice closure and loose ends were tied up especially with the epilogue.


Lillard is an author I found not long ago and have added her books to my must reads.  I read her three books in the CLOVER RIDGE SERIES and enjoyed them along with the first three books in this series.  At the end of LORIE'S HEART there was an excerpt for the fourth book in the series, JUST PLAIN SADIE and I for one can't wait and hope this series continues for many more  books. I've also read her contemporary novel, BLAME IT ON TEXAS, which she wrote as Amie Louellen.  I look forward to reading many more of her books.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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