Losing It
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 6:30:00 PM

Charlotte can’t help but eye the sexy man named Ben who has been working on her house for months now.  She knows he would never give her a second glance, but she is about to be pleasantly surprised.  Her house is finished and it seems that Ben has his eye on another project, namely her.  Could Charlotte just be imagining the sparks between them or is Ben about to show her the true meaning of passion?

Ben is a good carpenter and never gets involved with his clients.  However, Charlotte has really gotten under his skin and he knows of only one way to get her out.  Ben is biding his time until all the repairs are done and then he will show Charlotte what he’s been hiding for months.  What would a woman with a triple digit IQ see in someone like him?  Better question is will he be able to walk away from Charlotte when their affair comes to an end?


LOSING IT is a great read and will be over with before you know it.  Charlotte is intelligent and spunky and readers will thoroughly enjoy her upbeat personality.  Ben is one sexy handyman and knows how to use every one of his tools.  Together the sparks will fly and this couple won’t be able to control the blaze that they create.  The love scenes are steamy and will leave you sweating from the heat.  Kate Willoughby has penned an entrancing story of two people finding love in a most unlikely situation.

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