Lost But Not Forgotten
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 5, 2007 - 6:40:55 PM

Alexis ‘Allie’ Knight’s life has been forever altered and she has no idea what happened or why.   She’s spent the past year recovering physically and mentally from a trauma she suffered while working as a documentarian for a pharmaceutical company in the Amazon.   Somehow she managed to escape the fire that engulfed the compound where she was staying and was found by a tribe who cared for her until she regained enough of her memory to return home.   Only the home and life she remembers have undergone some major changes which she’s going to find hard to accept - and all of them seem to involve her friend, Jake.

Jake O’Malley may have once been a shy, four-eyed bookworm but he’s definitely changed a lot since Allie last saw him.   Jake has been in love with her for years but she’d never seen him as anything more than a friend.   Since her disappearance a year ago, he’d spent a lot of time with Allie’s mother waiting for word from Allie - up until two weeks ago when Mabel passed away.   Now he’s the proud owner of Allie’s childhood home and he’s making changes that are just as titillating as they are shocking.


Jake had given up hope of ever seeing Allie again so coming home and finding her handcuffed to his bed is a dream come true.   The only trouble is instead of her expression being desirous, she’s spitting mad and their friend Johnny Cane, one of Arizona’s finest, is a direct recipient of all her ire.   He’d grown up with Allie and is well aware of her temper.   For her safety as well as his own, he’s restrained her in order to relay the news that the house she’s entered no longer belongs to her mother.   Not only has Allie lost a year of her life to amnesia, but she missed her last opportunities to be with her mother.   Everything Allie’s known and loved is gone or no longer belongs to her.   Allie isn’t going to take Jake’s possession of her mother’s house lightly and Jake isn’t going to give it up without a fight.   Together they may just find a way past the grief of losing a woman they loved but it’s going to take some self discovery and a sexual awareness that will bring them together - just like Jake dreamed.   Hopefully they can discover what really happened in the Amazon and the identity of who is trying to kill Allie before it’s too late.


Mackenzie McKade’s LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN takes readers on an emotional journey along with the characters.   Allie’s turmoil over her memory loss, mother’s death and current circumstances really pull at your heartstrings.   I couldn’t help but like Jake.   His love for Allie shines through the pages just as strongly as his determination to not allow her headstrong personality to set the tone for their relationship.   LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN contains a combination of memorable characters, hot BDSM scenes and enough suspense to keep you engrossed in the story until the very end.


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