Lost Love

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Swan Beauty Publications

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Kendall Williams loves her husband, but she hates his job. She finally cannot take the worry anymore and she leaves him. She starts her own life, but he is always on her mind. Ryan Williams is a great detective who has made his way up through the force. He is now on the biggest case of his career, but this case is the breaking point for his marriage. After Kendall leaves, he goes on with life, but she is never far from his mind.

One day they run into each other again and the story unfolds from there to explore their passion and love as they try and work things out. This is a great love story of two people who never really got over each other and the obstacles they overcome to get back together.

Ms. Poff writes a wonderful novella. As with most books, I did want more at the end, but the story was truly complete. The plot moves quickly and I did not want to stop reading. It is an easy read and the characters really came to life for me. What Kendall faces as the wife of a detective seems real and I feel her fears. I really felt the love that Ryan has for Kendall, the pain of their breaking up, and the joy of their meeting again. The sex scenes are hot and the couple's love comes through in them. I definitely recommend this quick and enjoyable read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Crystal Fulcher

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