Lost in New Falls

Author: Cherie Marks

Publisher: Timbercreek Press

Release Date: October 10, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Kate’s grandfather is slowly wasting away in New Falls. Kate moves back to his cabin temporarily so that she can be with him when the time comes to say good-bye.  She was the chubby girl in her home town and decided to leave immediately after her high school graduation. She went to Los Angeles where she fell in with the big city lifestyle and lost 50 lbs.  She also found that her talent for writing has brought her enough money to live.  But, after 10 years, she has produced a script that could be turned into a movie.  Her agent has succeeded in arranging a meeting with one of the biggest Hollywood producers to discuss the deal. There’s only one snag. Kate’s laptop was stolen from her cabin. She had her completed script in it. She had also left the memory stick in, so everything is gone.

The boy she had a crush on, Quentin Taylor, is now the Sheriff who investigates the theft.  As a teenager, Quentin had rejected Kate.  He had pushed her away because her brother, Reese, had put her off limits. The boys were best friends and Quentin wanted to respect Reese’s wishes. However, the Sheriff had been attracted to her when she was heavy and now finds her curves irresistible.

Kate has business friends and opportunity in Los Angeles, but she misses her true best friend, Jaime, as well as small town life. She does not want to let down her LA friend who is also her agent.  She is not sure if returning to her old home town means being welcomed by her old friends or brings on the return of her insecurities. Both Kate and Quentin feel insecure. He wants her to stay, but has a broken marriage behind him. Then there is Reese who makes it clear that he doesn’t want anyone from New Falls dating Kate.

Circumstances keep Kate from getting her hands on the unrevised copy of the script, although it seems that most of the townspeople have managed to get their hands on it and read it. Kate could possibly rewrite the whole script, but knows that it couldn’t be finished in time for the meeting with the producer.

The author keeps us guessing as to how all these conflicts will be resolved.  There is the thief to catch, Reese to mollify, Kate’s insecurities to melt away and Quentin’s feelings that any marriage of his is doomed to fail.

The author has left room to tell the stories of some of the other people of New Falls, most notably Kate’s brother, Reese, and that of her friend, Jamie. The story is entertaining and modern.  I highly recommend it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Myra Gabor

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