By Claudia McRay
Mar 3, 2004 - 10:28:00 PM

Peter Kelley and Wendy Thompson were best buddies in their youth.  Brown-eyed, ten-year-old Wendy adored the thirteen-year-old, green-eyed Peter.  They were inseparable.  Peter vowed to never grow up, as he would swing Wendy round and round in the park teaching her how to fly.

Wendy and Peter were pulled apart when Peter was sent away to boarding school.  His mother was an alcoholic and his grandparents took over his life.  Wendy missed her best friend and for a long time they wrote constantly to one another.  When the letters stopped, Wendy began a new life.


Wendy is now a contract attorney and is engaged to marry a very stuffy colleague whose name is Jeffrey Hook.  Wendy wishes it were anything but Hook.


Wendy receives word that Peter's mother has passed and feels a pull to go home for the funeral, much to Jeffrey's insistence that she not go.  Wendy is able to get tickets home on the new Neverland Airlines.  When she finally gets to her seat, it is occupied.  Wendy complains and Bell, a flight attendant, comes to her rescue.  When the person occupying the seat looks up, all thought of Wendy and her problems float out the window, as Bell becomes totally absorbed in the gorgeous man who occupies the seat.  Unknown to Wendy, Peter is the owner of the airline and Bell is totally absorbed in assisting the man in hopes of greater rewards.


Peter recognizes Wendy and soon they're both sitting in first class, much to Bell's displeasure.  The flight is interesting as Peter becomes totally absorbed in Wendy and Bell in Peter.  When Peter's mouth descends on Wendy's, all thought is lost.  He is determined to have his "little one" back.  Much to Wendy's displeasure, the crabby Mr. Hook has followed along behind her and constantly grumbling about things not going his way.


Follow along as Wendy, Peter, the interfering Bell and the crabby Jeffrey work through their problems.


Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite stories and Eden Robins' LOST is absolutely delightful.  It is a highly recommended read and will have you yelling at the bad guys and cheering for the good ones.

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