Love Struck

Author: Laurelin McGee

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Singer and songwriter, Lacy Dawson is a beautiful girl, but she is sad, depressed and loses her songwriting mojo after her fiancé, the love of her life, commits suicide. Lacy is left reeling. How will she cope? She joins an online chat room, Song Writers Anonymous, using the name LoveCoda, and clicks with a guy known as FolxNotDead27. Their emails strike a chord with each other and she looks forward to sharing details of her life with Folx every day.

Eli, the lead guitarist and songwriter for the band Blue Hills, is going through a bumpy patch too. His rapport with the lead singer Jax is strained as he changes Eli’s songs and causes trouble in the band, leaving Eli to worry about him. Plus, life in general has lost its zing for Eli. Something is missing. Eli discovers an online songwriter’s chat group and befriends LoveCoda, a girl who seems to understand him. He soon develops feelings for her and looks forward to LoveCoda’s emails every day since she shares the same sentiments as Eli.  Through their shared comments in the chat room, fate swoops in and gives them a record year, revitalizing both of their songwriting skills. One thing leads to another and they make plans to meet face-to-face. Will life imitate their online feelings once they meet in real life?

Funny thing, Eli and Lacy meet in real life, when she gets a fortuitous break at the music studio where she works and records. She is hired as the Blue Hill's warm-up band and goes on tour with them. She is thrilled! However, Eli and Lacy are unaware of each other’s extracurricular activities online in a chat room. What tips the scales to the discovery of their already burgeoning online romance?

The writing team of Lauralin McGee pulls out all the stops in LOVE STRUCK. It is a “he said, she said”, snappy, punchy, "I gotcha and never going to let you go" kind of story. A sad girl, Lacy, a lonely guy, Eli, and a third guy is thrown into the mix, which makes for interesting plot twists and throws the whole story off-kilter. A complicated love triangle for sure! Plus, Lacy’s sister, Andy, provides a perfect comedic balance with her upcoming nuptials and her quirky wedding planner. I got so anxious reading about Lacy and Eli’s dilemma and how they will deal with their final reveal of their blossoming online relationship. The author draws it out like sticky toothpaste with their rocky, trying friendship and all the roadblocks thrown in their path. However, their physical relationship is hot, hot! You will be laughing, cheering and maybe crying a little bit. LOVE STRUCK is funny, smart and sweetly satisfying. Just like chocolate cheesecake, oh so rich and very yummy!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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