Love And All That Jazz
By Alexis
Dec 1, 2004 - 4:43:00 AM

On her brothers wedding day, Regina Todd meets a man that she finds attractive and wouldn't mind exploring a relationship with; only to have his ex-wife, a model, come and take him a way from her. Regina is left feeling wistful and pondering what might have been and puzzling over her mystery man's identity. Regina finds out later that the man is her brother's father-in-law.

Anthony 'Tony' Fremont can't get Regina out of his mind. So he is pleasantly surprised when he meets her again during Thanksgiving. He decides to pursue a relationship with her and will not let Regina or his daughters urging of a reunion with his ex-wife, stand in his way.

Both Tony and Regina will have to prevent their past liaisons from contaminating their budding relationship.

LOVE AND ALL THAT JAZZ is a good story about finding love after you've been hurt. The characters are appealing and the story is nicely written. Readers will like the tenderness that exists between the characters and the joy that they find in one another. Jeannine Van Eperen does a good job in creating a story that appeals to the reader's heart's. Reader's will also want to see how her characters navigate through their inner demons and find love in each others arms.  

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