Love At The Top
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2005 - 11:23:00 PM

Cassidy Romanelli works in a personnel office at Haydon-Smith Communications in New York. For the most part she enjoys her job, with the exception of the office gossip and the time conscientious supervisor. Seven months ago, Cassidy had been divorced from her cheating husband, and she still hurts from the gossip that was spread throughout the office about her then. She’d sworn off men after the divorce. Maybe her friends were right. Maybe she did need to give men another chance.

A. E. Haydon-Smith is the new head of Haydon-Smith Communications. He’s one of the richest men in England. Because of stipulations in his dead uncle’s will, he must return to the business world. He’d have to leave behind his vagabond ways. He rather enjoyed not having to shave and being able to dress slovenly. People treated him differently when they weren’t aware of whom he was. He really wasn’t looking forward to the money hungry debutantes throwing themselves at him.

Thursday, while taking her lunch break in the park, Cassidy met a man she thought might possibly be a vagrant. Still he was nice to her when she had started coughing, so she’d thanked him and they started a conversation. She bought him a potato knish since he said he didn’t have any American funds and inquired if he had a place to stay. Before parting ways, they agreed to meet for lunch the following day and exchanged names. He said his name was Alex Smith. Cassidy had no way of knowing that the man she knows as Alex Smith is really A. E. Haydon-Smith. On Friday, they met in the park as planned and Alex took Cassidy to a Greek restaurant for lunch and had set up another date for that night. Cassidy had to cancel on the date for that night because of work related issues. She insisted on telling Alex in person, and she met him at the park where they’d previously met. Alex was stunned that she would be putting work before him. No woman had ever chosen work over him in the past. Cassidy stirs his blood like no other woman has. Just to show her what she’s missing, Alex passionately kisses her before she leaves to go back to her job. It's not until Monday when Cassidy visits Mr. A. E. Haydon-Smith's office that she discovers she's been deceived by a man once again.

Susanne Marie Knight has written a wonderful feel good story with LOVE AT THE TOP. Even the secondary characters are amazingly endearing. I loved the idea of a wealthy man living as a commoner. Cassidy’s openness and obvious concern for others makes her a wonderful character. She was so willing to go out of her way for a complete stranger. People like that are hard to find in New York. Alex and Cassidy make the perfect couple. Alex just has to convince Cassidy of that. You could almost hear Alex’s mind whirling as he tried to figure out how to get through to Cassidy. This book was a pleasure to read, and I’m sure I’ll read it many times over in the near future.

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