Love Comes Knocking
By MarthaE
Nov 3, 2011 - 8:58:48 PM

At the heart of the city of Carmago there is a popular coffee/cappuccino shop named Ben Dover’s Café. The owner, Ben Dover, is a big and personable guy who treats his customers to royal service. He has plenty of friends who appreciate his shop but he’s had a hard time in the love life department. His size and stuffily conservative dress don’t help attract the ladies.

Ben is always happy to have a date and he tries to be his usual cheerful, entertaining and giving self. Ben’s best friend, José, is afraid that the girls seem to take advantage of Ben, using his kindness and money, before dumping him.  José tries to protect him but without much success.

Ben has a disastrous dinner date with Hayleigh. It starts on the wrong foot when she expects him to be early then things get worse when the waiter asks his name and the reply “Ben Dover” gets him an argument. Matters don’t really improve over the meal which ends with a broken bud vase and wet laps. The police get called as a result of his tiff with the waiter.  Not a good date and more trouble follows.

José, who has tried other plans to get Ben a girlfriend, convinces Ben that they should join the Gym. There Ben meets Lola, the pretty receptionist. There is confusion in their initial conversation when Lola inquires of Ben:  “big package” or “small package.”  But Lola is kind and over time she and Ben build a friendship. She sympathizes with Ben as he has more difficult dates. Then Ben begins to think that maybe he could date Lola.  Could it work out?

This is a fast and funny, but also sad, read. There is a certain sad desperation in Ben’s behavior and image of himself. There is also the sad reality of how physical image is hard to overcome so that you can see the inner beauty of a person. The humor is a little bit “off color” or what some might call “toilet humor” but it adds the fun element.  This makes a nice quick, light read that might make you think twice about judging a person by his “cover.”

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