Love From A to Z
By Annie
May 18, 2009 - 6:32:00 PM

April Valenzuela was your typical cold rich girl. She had inherited her money and now was in charge of everything. That included her cousin Ritchie and his father.

Zach Harris loved music and played guitar in most of the local clubs. He had no interest until he saw her one night and then time stood still.

April’s night was going from bad to worse until she walked into a sleazy beach dive with her cousin. Then she saw him and her little world started to tilt. And with her cousin whining in her ear and a man who could bring her pleasure just by playing his guitar, it looked like it was going to be a very interesting night.

Zach had seen her come in and there was just something about her that made his blood sing and him want to play just for her. So when he was leaving for the night and saw her standing there looking confused he did the only thing he could, he took her home. Now with April’s memory gone and her not knowing who she is, Zach will teach her everything there is to know in life including love one step at a time, A through Z.

LOVE, FROM A TO Z is the second book in the LOVE LESSONS series by P.G Forte. This was a book that starts out fun and just got better. I absolutely loved this story and loved how it’s not just about romance but jealousy, rage and bitterness, and how love concurs all.

I loved April because she starts out as this cold hard person and at first you don’t like her at all, then as she loses her memory you get to learn everything about her just as she does. Zach was hot in every sense of the word. If I had to describe my dream man P.G Forte did it for me. I look forward to her next book in the series.

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