Love In Bloom
By Billie Jo
Jun 1, 2008 - 10:49:41 AM

Claire is a successful artist and very comfortable with the way her life is progressing.   Until, one fateful day, a terrible accident causes her to suffer temporary blindness.   Her best friend tries to assure her she could get her eyesight back if she would speak with someone about what happened on that critical day.   However, Claire believes it is her punishment and she shuts herself off from the rest of the world.   Claire refuses to go outside or allow anyone to come see her.   When Jackson, the landscaper, shows up at her house to redo her yard, she finds herself drawn to his voice and begins to feel a tingly sensation that no man has ever been able to elicit from her.   Will Claire open her heart and allow Jackson’s love to heal her heart and soul?   Or will she continue to feel sorry for herself and lose the man who melted the ice around her heart?

Jackson Akers is a sexy man who runs and operates his own landscaping business.   He is also the proud father of a charming little girl whom he has sole custody.   Jackson has vowed to never fall in love with another woman again.   When Jackson shows up at his latest job, he is shocked by the rude woman who will not even look him in the eye.   However, he promised his friend he would do the work.   One day while working, his curiosity gets the better of him and he approaches the door to find out what is Claire’s problem.   Only he was not prepared for the silky voice that slithers over his skin and causes an intense reaction within him.   The more time he spends with her, the harder he is falling for her, but he will not allow himself to ever speak those feelings.   Will Jackson take a chance on a slip of a woman who has weaseled her way into his heart?   Or will he protect himself and daughter from being hurt by a woman again?


Within the pages of LOVE IN BLOOM is a wonderfully written love story that will bring tears to your eyes.   Jules Bennett pens a romantic and passionate tale weaved into a gripping plot with magnetic characters.   I laughed at the easy bantering, cried from the heartbreak both have suffered and sobbed at the beautiful ending.   


Both Jackson and Claire are wonderful characters that you can not help but to be drawn to.   Claire is passionate, sensitive and has a heart of gold.   But when she faces a horrible tragedy, she is unsure of how to cope and shuts herself off from the world.   She thinks Jackson is stubborn and unrelenting in pursuing a friendship.   Jackson is sexy, charming and what every woman would love to have.   I admired his sense of honor and duty to his daughter.   However, Claire blindsides him and he is unsure of how to deal with his feelings.    Claire and Jackson are two souls that belong together and Ms. Bennett does a wonderful job intensifying the spicy scenes with the underlying love that rocks their world.  


I definitely will be looking for more of Jules Bennett’s enchanting tales.



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