Love Is All Around
By Kimberly Leslie
May 1, 2005 - 5:16:00 PM

Will was back in town. He was ready to prove a point, to show everyone that he wasn't the bad-boy rich kid any more. Daisy Creek was just the town to put down roots. After all, it was where he was born, and who better to show that he was a changed man than the very one's he grew up with?

The first thing he did was buy was a fixer-upper house, even though he had no clue where to begin, or even how to fix it. But he was bound and determined to give it his best shot. Lots of people fixed their homes, and there was no reason why he couldn't. It worked in his mind, too bad that when he actually started something, it turned into a fiasco!                            

And if that wasn't enough of an embarrassment, Pasty was popping up everywhere. And at the exact moment he didn't want someone around to witness how much of an idiot he really was.                                

She had no idea why he wouldn't hire someone to sand his floors and replace the windows. He had plenty of money to afford that. It must be his ego, well, that said it all. And Pasty loved watching him try his hardest to make a go of it all and she loved every second of things going awry.         

Boy, she was getting under Will's skin. Well, two could play at that game. He would show her a thing or two and he'd be the one laughing in the end. That was his plan anyway, but it all began to backfire on him when he found himself falling in love with Patsy.                      

What made it more difficult was he knew Patsy was leaving town at the first good job offer she got. That didn't give him much time to prove to her that not only Daisy Creek was a good place to live, but also he was a changed man and he could make her happy.                        

Did Patsy pick up and move or was the offer not enough to make her leave her family and friends behind? Were they willing to let Patsy go without at least trying to talk some sense in her? And then there was Will. He'd just accepted that he's falling in love with Patsy, was it enough to help her decision to stay?                      

Oh, but it gets better. A dog that isn't a coon dog but thinks it is gets loose with the help of Granny one night, sending Pasty searching. And then there is a certain person who accidentally shoots Patsy's father's car!                    

And if that's not enough to raise havoc, Will's parents show up, trying to talk him out of staying in Daisy Creek, they bring with them Will's fiancee, just at the same time Pasty finally figured out what she really wants. And when she was ready to be honest with herself and with Will, she found out about Will's fiancee and boy she sure didn't take that lightly. But things sometimes weren't what they appeared to be, and both Will and Pasty fall pray to that.                          

LOVE IS ALL AROUND is a really great book. The obstacles the characters have to get through just to find what they really want is hysterical and heart touching at the same time. If you're looking for a make you feel warm all over book, and one that has a ton of humor, LOVE IS ALL AROUND is just the right book, and I recommend you pick up a copy as soon as you can.

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