Love, Lust & Terror - Tales from the Compound
By Bea Sigman
Jun 2, 2004 - 2:54:00 PM

LOVE, LUST & TERROR - TALES FROM THE COMPOUND is broken into four very interesting parts, The Rescue, The Affair, Payback and Family Ties. Each section brings you closer to the terror, the love and the secrets that Carly, Ken and Russell have experienced. This erotic thriller is sure to give you chills and set your blood on fire.

In Part One, The Rescue, Ken runs off on a mission after he finds Russell and Carly making love on the pool table. His plane crashes and Ken barely makes it out alive. Russell leads the search and rescue mission for his best friend, hoping to make it in time to save Ken and set there relationship right. And while the two men in her life are away, Carly escapes and heads to Russia in hopes to get help in saving her husband. But trusting the one man who was ripped out of Carly's life might end up killing Ken instead of saving him. All Ken wants is to make it out alive and back into Carly's arms.
In Part Two, The Affair, everyone has returned to the compound. A bit beat up emotionally and physically, but they are ready to work through this tangled love affair that has been born. Ken has and always will be Carly's true love. But she cares for Russell in a way that she can not ignore. Both men are in love with the same woman, another bond they share. Ken and Russell are inseparable, best friends, adopted brothers, life partners till the end, so it is no wonder that Russell would fall in love with Ken's wife.
In Part Three, Payback, Carly is kidnapped by a man who hates Ken and wants revenge. In order to get Carly back, Ken has to hand himself over to her deranged captor. Of course, Russell is never far behind and goes with Ken to get Carly back. They are counting on their strong wills and an experimental device to get them rescued.
In Part Four, Family Ties, the story is pulled to a conclusion. Finding Ken and Russell's real parents is Carly's mission; giving her men and her children the family they deserve. More than anything, Carly wants them all to live as one big, happy family.
This erotic, psychological thriller is sure to keep you entranced until the very last page. Finding out how everyone will get out of the situations they find themselves in makes this a real page turner. While filled with love and lust, LOVE, LUST & TERROR also has some shocking moments, such as rape and torture scenes. This is not your faint hearted romance, but a down to earth and very realistic story. The twist of Russell and Ken both being in love with Carly tops off this very intriguing story.

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