Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust

Author: LuAnn McLane

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: October 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Mary Jane Barone is the owner of Psychic Love Connections.  Her uncanny ability to help people discover their soul mates keeps her business brisk and her clients happy.  For years, she’s been helping other people find true love.  When will it be her turn?

M. J. is originally from Brooklyn, and was living in Florida when she felt compelled to move to Nashville.  She’s been there for six months now.  Oh, and there’s some sort of, well, a “presence” that pops in every so often.  One night, M. J. is about to close up shop and head to the bar next door when a gorgeous cowboy shows up.  The man is clearly drunk, and obviously confused.  Then, he passes out on M. J.’s floor.  That's when it hits her: this is her soul mate.


Brody Baker, a hot up-and-coming country singer, was at Logan’s bar, celebrating the release of his new single.  So what’s he doing sleeping on a floor, watching a woman he doesn’t recognize fry bacon?  Brody doesn’t remember much about last night, but he sure wouldn’t mind getting to know the woman better.  He didn’t do anything to scare her off already, did he?


M. J. is more than happy to explore a relationship with Brody.  But she insists on one important thing.  Unless Brody can accept who she is and what she does, M. J. won’t get serious with him, no matter what the meddling ball of light she calls Pixie has to say about it.  Will Brody open his mind, or will he lose M. J. for good?





Sophia Barone is a medium, acting as a link to the dead and often helping police solve crimes.  Sure, plenty of people are convinced she's a fake, but Sophia doesn't let that interfere with her work.  She hosts a popular television show, and she's even been contracted to write a book.


Unfortunately, someone she helped put behind bars is out on parole, and it's giving her nightmares.  Nashville should be far enough away from Brooklyn to keep her safe.  She can also use some time alone to focus on her book.  Plus, M. J. might have mentioned something about Sophia's soul mate being in Nashville.  How can she meet him if she stays in Brooklyn?  Sophia is thirty-five, and it's not like men are exactly battering down her door, especially once they find out what she does for a living.


When Sophia Barone walks into his closed bar looking for lunch, Logan Parks practically feels his jaw hit the ground.  The exotic, sexy woman is H-O-T.  Once Logan realizes she's M. J.'s sister, he gets a little wary.  His young sister, Savannah, told Logan she wants Sophia to try to link to their grandmother.  Logan strongly opposes the idea, and insults Sophia in the process.


When Logan arrives at her door with a peace offering and an apology, Sophia decides to give him a chance.  But just when Logan starts to sound interested, he abruptly changes his tune.  Sophia just met him a few hours ago!  If that's how Logan feels, she's not going to bother with him.  Then, the meddling ball of light strikes again.  Will Pixie give Sophia the push she needs to convince her to go after what she wants?





Savannah Parks is a small, shy woman with a big, sultry voice.  She’s a busy college student who sings country tunes at her brother's bar in her free time.  Savannah has gathered quite a following, and she's about to get the chance of a lifetime.  Hot country star Brody Baker has arranged for a record company representative to listen to Savannah at Logan's.  Her family and friends don't want her to be nervous, so they keep it a secret and send Lucio Barone to drive her to the bar for her set.  But Savannah thinks Lucio is looking for a completely different kind of performance.


Lucio's sisters described Savannah Parks as sweet and shy.  That's strange, because Lucio doesn't see her that way at all.  Moments after he'd arrived at his sister's apartment in Nashville, Savannah had attacked him with a glass-encrusted broom.  Now, he's just trying to give her a ride to Logan's bar without spoiling the surprise, and she's all sexuality and innuendo.  He can't resist her curvy little body, but Savannah and Lucio are worlds apart.  He's a wealthy fitness guru who practically exudes dangerous bad-boy vibes.  She hasn't even finished college yet.  Besides, Savannah has a chance at the career of her dreams.  She doesn't have time for a man in her life, and Lucio isn't willing to wait. But Pixie isn't going to give up easily.  What could be more important than love?



LOVE, LUST AND PIXIE DUST is a smokin’ hot collection of stories. Who would have thought Brooklyn and Nashville would complement each other so well?   With a little bit of suspense, a lot of sizzle, and a touch of the supernatural, all three stories flowed together beautifully.   M. J., Sophia, and Savannah are strong, intelligent, sexy women with high standards in every important aspect of their lives.  With Brody, Logan, and Lucio, not a single one will have to settle for less than the best when it comes to men.  I loved the clever way Pixie pushed her way into each relationship.  Do you love erotic romance, country music, or a touch of magic?  Whether you enjoy one of these things or all three, you won't want to miss LOVE, LUST AND PIXIE DUST.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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