Love Me Knots

Author: Dee Tenorio

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: August 4, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Disowned heiress Krista James has been questioning the wisdom of marrying David over the past several weeks – especially since David continuously blows off or is late for planned dates.  The sexual marathon taking place in his office could just be the answer to what’s been keeping him, but Krista isn’t going to stick around and have her heart walked all over again.  Sure they signed a marriage contract that covers all the bases – except love. 

Up and coming CPA David Ellison is nothing if not practical.  He has no people skills and often comes across as brass and offensive in his honesty.  Even so Krista sees something in him and has agreed to marry him which makes his life perfect.  That is… until he arrives at his office, late for a lunch date with Krista, to find her engagement ring on his desk, his secretary looking very guilty and Krista nowhere to be found.


Hurt and embarrassed by David’s betrayal, Krista makes the monumental decision to trade in their economy honeymoon tickets for a luxury vacation in Tahiti – for one.  She’s determined to take some time to herself and reevaluate her situation and relationship with David.  Oh sure, she now knows that it wasn’t him that she saw in his office but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s emotionally closed to her.  The only time they connect on any sort of emotional level is during sex – and David certainly knows how to make a woman forget everything but pleasure.  However, that’s not enough for Krista anymore.  She’s in love with the man and a marriage of convenience simply isn’t what she wants. 


Krista’s Tahitian vacation has David in a panic.  He thought he had all the bases covered with the contract and the well structured life plan but not once did he consider Krista’s emotional needs.  He certainly didn’t admit to his own feelings for her.  After all, why would any woman want to be with a man as single-mindedly focused on his work and emotionally detached as him?  Determined to win her back, David takes the advice of his troublesome secretary and follows Krista to Tahiti, but if he thinks she’s going to fall gratefully into his arms he’d better think again!  Seduction in paradise simply isn’t going to solve his problem – David’s going to have to bare his heart and soul and pray Krista cares enough about him to accept him and all his faults.  Throw in a few quirky friends and things are bound to get interesting.


LOVE ME KNOTS by Dee Tenorio is an enjoyable fast paced emotional and laughable read.  Krista and David mesh in every way possible except for the little issue of David’s inability to connect with people on an emotional level.  Give him numbers and facts and he’s fully in his element so Krista’s emotional needs are daunting to him therefore he simply avoids dealing with them.  Krista’s friends Cobb, Jake, Ricky and Steve, as well as David’s secretary Taylor aid in bringing out the emotional side of David through their antics and advice which often results in some comical situations.  Dee Tenorio leaves no doubt that the emotionally repressed are loveable – it just takes a little more work but the end result is so very worth the effort.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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