Love Me Three Times
By Natasha Smith
Nov 1, 2008 - 11:53:59 AM

Cayman Porter is accustomed to getting any woman he wants.  Seducing them and using them is the name of his game, and while he doesn’t think he is doing any harm, his goddess does.  In an effort to curb Cayman’s actions, the goddess puts a spell on him.  Cayman can no longer use his unearthly wiles to attract women.  He has to use his own charm.  Piece of cake, right?  Well, not so much.  It seems that his reputation as a womanizing snake proceeds him and Cayman can’t seem to even buy a date.  Finding a woman to love him equally by the powers of three is proving to be more than what Cayman bargained for.  Especially since the only woman he is attracted to, Alexis London, thinks he is pond scum and has turned him down more times than he can remember.  Using every bit of charm he possesses, Cayman strives to show Alexis exactly how satisfying he can be.  The rest is history.

I laughed out loud at LOVE ME TIMES THREE.  I found Cayman to be utterly charming but in a somewhat smarmy kind of way – until he realized his attraction to Alexis.  When that happened, the former playboy and lady killer became almost innocent in his need for Alexis’ approval and love.  Sexually confident before Freya’s spell was cast, Cayman had to learn what it really takes to win a woman over as well as how to keep her.  Alexis’ ability to bring this big man to his knees made me grin more than once.  I knew without a doubt that she has what it takes to keep him there.


LOVE ME TIMES THREE is often funny but very erotic.  I had no choice but to keep reading as I had to find out what happened to these two well written and wonderful characters.  LOVE ME TIMES THREE is fanciful and fascinating.  I really found it to be an original!

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