Love Means No Shame
By Christina
Mar 8, 2010 - 7:47:38 PM

Geoff Laughton loves his job as an accountant. Numbers speak to him in a unique way. However, he is getting tired of the constant string of one night stands that make up his personal life. Casual sex just isn’t doing it for him anymore. Geoff is considering making some changes to his life when he receives tragic news.  He is devastated to learn that his father, who has been battling cancer, has died. Geoff immediately returns home to his family’s farm.


Once he returns home Geoff realizes that the farm is where he belongs. He decides to resign from his job and run the farm like his father wanted him to. One day he is surprised to find a young Amish man sleeping in his stable. Eli is spending a year away from his community in order to decide what he wants from his life. There is something about Eli that appeals to him so Geoff offers him a job. Geoff soon realizes that Eli is a vey special person. He finds himself very attracted to the sweet younger man but he doesn’t want to ruin Eli’s innocence. What will he do?


LOVE MEANS….NO Shame is the first novel in Andrew Grey’s NO SHAME series.  This novel is a sweet and moving contemporary erotic romance. Geoff and Eli are very appealing characters. I admired how understanding and giving Geoff is. He is always finding ways to help people without them realizing it. Eli is sweet and innocent but he also has an inner strength. Neither of these men is afraid to stand up for what they believe in or what they want. Their love is moving and very powerful. I enjoyed getting to know them and I became very invested in their relationship. I look forward to reading the other novels in the series.

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