Love Overboard
By Phyllis Ingram
Jun 1, 2005 - 7:17:00 PM

Stephanie Lowe is roped into being the cook for a week on the Josiah T. Savage windjammer ship while her cousin, Lucy ran off to marry a plumber.  In exchange for plumbing services, Stephanie was to take Lucy's place, cooking for the twenty-six people sailing aboard this ship. 

When Stephanie meets Ivan, the owner of the Windjammer, she realizes he is also the man who sold her the house that is now falling apart. Although he is over six feet tall and absolutely gorgeous,  Stephanie blames Ivan for the porch falling apart and everything else that has gone wrong. The toilet mysteriously got broken and Stephanie thinks a ghost did it!  Interesting concept.   Ivan is extremely handsome and likes the looks of Stephanie and tries to flirt with her.


After Stephanie lied to Ivan, and told him that she could cook, she wanted to know where the microwave was and Ivan laughed.  She had to cook on a wood stove. The problem with this setup is Stephanie is not a good cook like Lucy.  Plus Stephanie is not an early riser and the people aboard this "cruise ship" want to eat early in the morning.  She has to learn to make pies, from scratch, make soup and in general, cook for far too many people.  Making soup is so hilarious that you will belly laugh.  Along for the ride is a spirit, or so they think.


Will Stephanie ever learn how to cook without burning down the ship? Will Stephanie ever learn to like Ivan?  Will Ivan ever like Stephanie? Will the spirit appear so everyone can see her?  What the heck is going on?


LOVE OVERBOARD is a reissue of IVAN TAKES A WIFE, a short story done a long time ago by Janet Evanovich before she started writing the Stephanie Plum Mysteries, and the heroine of LOVE OVERBOARD happens to have the same name. There are some absolute belly laughs here. There are many interesting minor characters that I'd love to read about again. I enjoyed this novel, but then I thoroughly enjoy all the writings of Ms. Evanovich, especially her FULL SERIES.  I am looking forward to reading the other reissues, and ELEVEN ON TOP.


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