Love Overboard
By Michele Rioli
Apr 10, 2013 - 5:34:27 PM

End over end, coming to rest at the bottom of a hill, Stephanie Lowe, a sassy, pretty, ex-undercover cop, was on her way to a century-old schooner named the Savage, when she felt someone push her and down she went. She is pinch hitting for her cousin Lucy, who is the cook on the old ship. Lucy is getting married in a week’s time. So she coerces Stephanie into covering for her and promises her that her fiancé, who is a plumber, will fix her broken toilet. Problem is, Stephanie isn’t very savvy in the cooking department and cooking for lots of people and a sea captain isn’t her idea of fun. Watch out Stephanie, cooking is going to be fun to navigate! Although her cousin assures her that everything will be fine, embellishing on the eligible, macho captain, adding a tidbit about his actual pirate heritage, Stephanie has serious misgivings about working on an old schooner even though she really needs the money. The house that she just bought, when she moved to Maine, used to be owned by Ivan, the sea captain. The house aptly named Haben was in his family for generations but he sold it for financial reasons. Stephanie has dreams of turning the house into a Bed & Breakfast. She was further informed that a ghost haunts the place. Thinking back, maybe that is who broke her toilet! Other things have broken at her house and maybe this is her opportunity to give Ivan a piece of her mind about selling her a rattletrap of a house!

Ivan Rasmussen, a striking sea captain with intelligence and bravery to match, is standing on his ship deck when something catches his eye, a woman falling down the hill. After she rights herself at the bottom, yelling expletives that carry on the wind, she ambles towards his schooner and his eyes widen as it dawns on him…she is Lucy’s replacement. Smitten by her cuteness and her feistiness, he decides that his week spent cruising guests around with a replacement cook might be pleasurable after all. Startling them both are the immediate sparks of attraction that fly between them. However, Stephanie lays down ground rules after the first zing zaps them both and exacts a promise from him that there is not to be any hanky panky aboard the Savage. Yeah right, Ivan thinks, since his hormones kick into overdrive whenever he is near her. But, ever a gentleman, Ivan agrees. What happens to these two swoony tunes? Will they be able to keep their hands off each other? Does Stephanie get the much-needed repairs done on her house?


LOVE OVERBOARD is a riot! It is a hard-to-resist, roller-coaster ride on a two-masted schooner, with a laugh-a-minute plot to match. I haven’t laughed that hard while reading a book in a long time. Janet Evanovich is a star when it comes to romantic comedies! Stephanie Lowe, an ex-undercover cop, who just bought a house in Maine on the coast, is looking for a new lease on life. Ivan Rasmussen, a direct descendant from pirates, is owner of a century-old ship and ex-owner of the house that Stephanie just bought. It was in his family for centuries but he sold it for monetary reasons. Stephanie fills in for her cousin Lucy on Ivan’s ship as his cook. Her cousin is getting married at the end of the week. What happens aboard the ship is the catalyst between these two lovelorn souls. It is classic slapstick comedy with romance mixed in-between. After the week is up though, what happens to Ivan and Stephanie? Do they hook up? Do they declare their love for one another? Or will they go their separate ways? A ghost is thrown into the mix, plus many quirky characters abound and a wisecracking dialogue moves the story along at a brisk pace. This is definitely the book to take along on your next beach outing! LOVE OVERBOARD is zippy and very refreshing, just like a cool, delicious strawberry margarita with a twist of lime on a hot day!

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