Love Potion #9
By Angel
Oct 15, 2005 - 1:50:00 AM

Lori Ditmer and Theo Grady have been best friends practically since the day they were born.  The go out to the movies and dinner all the time, but certainly wouldn't call it dating.  They have been there for each other through the good and the bad and will always be there.  They would never guess that they are looking for each other. 

That is all about to change because their meddling mothers are tired of seeing them with the wrong people when they are meant to be together.  The matchmaking duo devises a plan to give their children a love potion and hope that it finally opens their eyes.  Things start to change and so do Lori's and Theo's feelings for each other, will this perfect couple finally find each other?


LOVE POTION #9 is a wonderful tale of finding love that has been there all along.  Lori and Theo are such good friends they look all over each other as mates, but with the help of parental guidance they may just find what they have been looking for.  I love stories that have meddling mothers, because most of the time they turn out to be right and it is no different in this story.  When they do get together the sensual passion is let loose and can't be contained.  Caitlyn Willows has done a great job of creating a tale of love being right under your nose.

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