Love Reunited
By Michele Rioli
Sep 24, 2012 - 12:49:16 PM

Georgiana Sanders, a beautiful redhead, returns home to live with her mom, with her little daughter in tow. Georgiana seeks refuge with her mom while she recuperates from her divorce from a verbally abusive husband. After her accident many years ago, which caused her to go blind, her husband Pete demoralized her and beat her down emotionally. She just wants to stay home where she knows she is loved and where she is safe from any harm. She also hopes being home will help heal her heart. Who knows what the future holds?

A soldier, Landon Cutter, returns home after eight years to find his brothers having a tough time running their parents’ farm. Never one to shirk responsibility, Landon sets in motion various plans to help them out financially. While he was away from home in the army, he nursed his aching heart with the memories of the girl who stole his heart, Georgiana Sanders. He returns to find that she is home, divorced, blind and has a little girl. Georgiana keeps her heart closed to loving again, especially to another man. Although, Landon, her childhood best friend, just might undo her resolve totally. In addition, her mom has ulterior motives. Between her mom, Landon, her daughter and her horse Fallon, love just might sneak into her heart after all, allowing her to trust again. It’s funny how life works. Just maybe everything happens for a reason. Love is a powerful thing.


LOVE REUNITED is about the true bonds of friendship in the raw; listening, helping, providing, laughing and of course, crying. Landon Cutter, a handsome man with dimples, returns home from the army a changed man and learns that Georgiana, his childhood friend who stole his heart years ago, is also back in town. He is determined to make atonement not only with his brothers by helping them out on the ranch, but also with the girl he still loves down deep in his heart. Many years ago, he told Georgiana, just days before her wedding, that he loved her and asked her to marry him instead. She said no, promptly ran away and got in an accident. He prays to God that Georgiana will forgive him and let him back into her life. Love heals many things, most assuredly a broken heart. Ms. Andrews expertly portrays the real bonds in friendship and love. I didn’t expect the story to affect me so deeply but it did, allowing me to see how friendships should be treasured. Author Renee Andrews understands the precious value of close friendships, and it shows in this sparkling novel. LOVE REUNITED takes us inside a longtime friendship to a place where we hear and see ourselves. There is nothing ‘fluffy’ about this novel. This is the feel-good book of the season!

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