Love Script

Author: Tiffany Ashley

Publisher: Create Space

Release Date: August 20, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Laney Parker has worked for Sinclair Corporation for the past three years. For the past two years, her boss has been Mary-Knight, a very demanding boss. She demands that Laney do the work of two people, hers and Laney’s. With a huge crush on the owner of the company, Mary-Knight spends her time trying to ingratiate herself with her boss and claiming Laney’s work as her own. Laney is looking forward to her week long vacation. She will be relaxing on a Caribbean cruise, away from Mary-Knight. The previous year Laney had lost much of her vacation time, since she had been unable to use it. She had decided this would not happen again this year. It was supposed to be a romantic vacation, but just days before leaving, Laney had decided to help her boyfriend Rob pack and had walked in on him and his law partner, Nina.  Though they claimed they were just saying goodbye, Laney did not believe them. Laney had never met the owner of the company, Nicolas Sinclair, but she had seen him in passing.

Nicolas Sinclair is a known womanizer. He has two women on the string on a regular basis and everyone knows about them. But then almost every woman in the company nursed an infatuation with the CEO. He rarely spent a whole day in the office. When he did, he stayed locked away in his office, only coming out to greet important clients and sit in on meetings, so very few people ever saw him.

Nicolas hated attending the social gatherings at his friend Richie Benson’s home, but for networking and negotiations, they could not be beat. As he waits for a chance to jump in on the conversation, his target continues to talk about his family life, until Sinclair lets slip that he is a family man himself, a definite lie. Hearing that Zelman is taking his wife on a Caribbean cruise for their anniversary, he starts looking for someone to act as his wife. He has his secretary make arrangements for him and his wife to be on the same cruise as the Zelmans. But on the day of the cruise, Nicolas still does not have a wife picked out.

Laney is standing behind Nicolas in line to board the ship. When he fails to move up in line, she nudges him. As they exchanged words, Nicolas saw Zelman with his wife, a black woman. Looking at Laney, also a black woman, he got a brainstorm. If he could persuade Laney to act as his wife, he and Zelman would have something else in common.  Laney was not happy at all about acting the part of her boss’ wife, but after negotiating not only a bonus, but a promotion as well, one that would get Mary-Knight off her back, she reluctantly agreed to do it.

Laney plays her part brilliantly, and she is shocked to discover how well Nicolas can play the devoted husband. She finds herself drawn to Nicolas, but knows their ‘romance’ will be over when the cruise is over. Sleeping in the same bed every night does not help the situation, but having another cot brought in would only bring attention to their situation. Another problem area is kissing and cuddling in public. Unfortunately, one of Nicolas’ competitors is doing the same thing that he is doing. He has brought a girlfriend onboard the ship, claiming that she is his wife. What will happen with Zelman when he discovers the truth? Will the romance between Nicolas and Laney last after the trip is over?

Emotion-packed, LOVE SCRIPT is a sizzling hot, wickedly witty contemporary romance that readers will find hard to put down until the very last page is read. Laney is not the type of woman Nicolas usually dates, but as he spends time with her, he has a hard time keeping his hands off of her, and he finds himself drawn to her emotionally. Laney does not sleep around so she finds it difficult kissing and cuddling with her boss, despite her attraction to him. Delightfully infused with steamy love scenes, witty banter, an intriguing plot, complex and charismatic characters and tender romance, this story is unforgettable.  Talented author Tiffany Ashley writes in such a realistic manner that the story seems to come alive, placing the reader right into the story. I highly recommend LOVE SCRIPT to anyone looking for a terrific story with a bit of spice.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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