Love Slave for Two: Love Slave for Two, Book 1
By Natasha Smith
Dec 7, 2008 - 7:54:21 PM

For months, Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey have been looking forward to their weekly visit with Nevvie Barton, their cleaning girl.  Every week they ensure to make the day she works for them enjoyable and fun.  Tyler and Thomas love each other very much and have for over ten years.  They also love Nevvie and want her to be a part of their family.  Launching their well thought out and documented plan, Tyler and Thomas ask Nevvie to live with them as their assistant.  They believe the love will come later.  When Nevvie agrees, their hearts are full with joy.  However, when the time comes for Nevvie to arrive, they are scared.  Going to her run down apartment, they catch Nevvie’s so called boyfriend beating her.  The plans now change – Nevvie no longer has an option – she is coming home with them to heal and learn to love again.

Nevvie loves working for her ‘boys’.  Every single week she can’t get to their home soon enough so she can begin spending time with them.  When they ask her to live with them as their assistant, Nevvie jumps at the chance to finally have the family she has always wanted, no matter that she is the odd man out.  She knows that Tyler and Thomas love each other and have no room in their hearts for her, but she is willing to take that chance with them because she loves them with all her heart.  When her abusive boyfriend comes home early and sees her packed, he loses his mind, and it isn’t until Thomas and Tyler arrive that Nevvie is rescued.  Scared and distrustful, Nevvie knows that her boys would never hurt her but she is still hesitant to let them know how she feels.  When Halloween arrives and the boys give Nevvie a special costume, she realizes that they just might want her for real.  Afraid of loving them yet never being close to them, she agrees to their plans never knowing that she has just become a LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO.


I was enthralled and entranced the entire time it took for me to read LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO.  Tyler and Thomas are a loving couple; a strong couple who love each other very much.  But something is missing – not about their love – but with how much love they have to share.  They want Nevvie, a girl who comes into their lives on a weekly basis to be the recipient of that love.  They want her for their third and the plan they hatch to make that come true is elaborate and well thought out.  Each man wants her to know she is loved and each accomplishes that fact.  The time and patience each display with Nevvie is beautiful – I wanted to move her out and take her place. 


Nevvie isn’t used to having someone love her.  The fact that all of a sudden she has two men loving her – two men who are supposed to be gay – just seems surreal.  She loves them and decides to take a chance with them and never look back.  Their love is scorching hot, hence why LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO has a scorching hot rating with Siren Publishing – but that does not explain how the flames of desire burned.  Between the sheets, these two enigmatic men bring Nevvie, and themselves, pleasure unlike anything I have ever read.  Tastefully written and intoxicating erotic, LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO is addictively passionate.  I could not stop reading this book and could have cried when it ended.  Instead, I went back to page one and read it again!  Tymber Dalton is now on my list of ménage writing authors to watch!



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