Love Thy Master
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2005 - 12:57:00 AM

Gina lived a lie in her married life for years. She’s a submissive and wasn’t finding the fulfillment she needs in her marriage. After obtaining a divorce, Gina finds what she needs in Michael, a trainer. He’s training her to be with Master Drake. Gina, however, is in love with Michael and desires him as her Master, if only she can convince him that he truly is what she needs.

Michael is a trainer, not a master. He’s trained many submissives - both male and female for Masters. He even fell in love with one of the women he trained, only to be hurt when she left him with nothing more than a “John Dear” letter. He realizes Gina may have feelings for him but he’s sure that will change once she meets Master Drake, and he’ll begin training the next batch of submissives for their new masters.

Michael is getting the submissives he’s trained ready to go to Master Nikolai. Jade is Master Nikolai’s lovely newest acquisition, and he’s had her spend time with several masters as well as Michael. Now Jade is to return to Romania to be collared by her beloved Master. Michael and the ones he’s been training are invited to attend the Jade’s collaring ceremony. While on the plane to Romania, Michael reads the journals regarding Jade’s training before she’d come to him. After the ceremony, they’ll head to Master Drake’s island where both Gina and Nadine are to stay. While watching Jade prepare for the collaring ceremony, Gina is shocked by Jade’s questioning her about her feelings for Michael. It seems everybody is aware of her feelings for him, except for Michael himself . . . or maybe he just doesn’t wish to acknowledge her feelings for him, nor his feelings for her. Gina is apprehensive about meeting Master Drake, but she refuses to make Michael look bad and so she will go willingly to Master Drake . . . still wishing and loving Michael. Will Michael open his eyes and heart to the young woman who wishes to be his submissive in every way? Can he be the Master she needs or will he allow past hurts to tear him away from his chance at love with Gina?

LOVE THY MASTER is a thrilling intense look into various BDSM lifestyles. Gina’s love for Michael shines through the pages in her determination to make sure that she pleases him in everything she does. She’s an extremely lovable character and easy to relate to, especially if you’re living a vanilla lifestyle and curious or even longing for something more out of a relationship. Michael fascinates me, he doesn’t believe he’d be a good Master and allows his fears of failing a submissive keep him from collaring one to keep as his own. One of the coolest things I noticed in this book was the obvious adoration each of the Masters has for their submissives. Each of these Masters and in one case a Mistress puts the needs of their submissives above their own needs. Even the other Masters and Michael who were all once submissives to Master Drake still adore him. He in turn worries about their well being and happiness even though they’re no longer his personal submissives. This is the next book in Justus Roux’s MASTER series. The first book, MY MASTER is about Master Drake. I’m really hoping the next one will have Master Nikolai’s story. They’re just so alpha male. The information you read about each of these men throughout this book will have you curious and wanting to know more about these charismatic men.

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