Love Thy Neighbor
By Shayla
May 1, 2007 - 9:26:00 AM

Davis marches to the beat of a drum that is all her own.  Nana, Piper's grandmother, puts an advertisement in the paper for a man for Piper; if the man marries Piper he will get a free tuxedo and an antique Pierce-Arrow roadster. Piper is angry, after what Cameron did to her she is not ready to trust another man.  Cameron was her neighbor who ran with her heart and her money.  She doesn't want Nana interfering in her life. When Dane moves in next door and shows up at Pipers door with the local paper, Piper thinks he is there to answer the ad Nan put in the paper.  Piper tries to fight the feelings that grow for Dane, but fails miserably. Dane does something that is unforgivable. Can Piper learn to trust him again?

Dane Garrity is running from his old life. One of his friends bet that he couldn't get on a bachelor show, he made it. He was known as "bachelor number three". He proposed to the bachelorette, Liza Duchane only to have her turn him down and laugh at him. He is hounded by the press and has no privacy left. He sells everything he owns in LA and buys a house in Manitou Springs , Colorado sight unseen. It's run down and needs a lot of work. On his first day in Manitou Springs he watches his neighbor chase off a man. He decides then and there that she must be a psycho. Dane needs a job badly and working for the local newspaper is what he wants to do.  To get the job he has to spy on his quirky neighbor, Piper.  The better he gets to know Piper the more his feelings grow for her. Will she end the friendship once the articles start printing? 


Piper first came known as Fiona's friend in FIONA'S FANCY now she has her own book, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Ms Calvin once again has written an award winning story. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is a heartfelt story of two people who are afraid to love due to past bad experiences.  They both have to learn to let go of the past and grab what is in front of them.  I will be reading this story again and again.

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