Love Thy Neighbor
By Dottie
Apr 25, 2008 - 2:04:50 PM

Dane Garrity’s life has been destroyed.  As a bet, after a prediction by a psychic, he appeared on national TV on a reality show with nine other bachelors competing for the hand of a starlet.  On the final show he was humiliated when the starlet laughingly turned down his proposal and threw his carefully chosen ring in his face.  In fact, he had fallen for the starlet.  Now he has desperate hordes of women beating down his door.  Looking for a return to anonymity, Dane leaves his job ghostwriting for a gossipmonger at Celebrity Lifestyles magazine, sells his home and his car, and leaves the life he has known.  Incognito, he goes to Manitou Springs and settles in a small shabby house where, hopefully, no one will recognize him.  Ironically, his downward spiral all started with a psychic – and now he lives next door to one. 

Piper Davis, aka the Psycho Psychic, is finally going to start a business in her home.  Palm reading and tarot cards give her a sense of security and help her make sense of her life.  When it comes to love, Piper seems to be a magnet for losers.  She knows Nana, her grandmother, is disappointed with her.  However, when Nana places an ad in the newspaper offering a tuxedo and an antique roadster to any man who marries Piper, it is too much to bear.  Hurt by a man once before who stole her heart and her savings, Piper is not ready to fall into that trap again – especially not to someone living in the house next door where her former love once lived.  To Piper, that house is jinxed. 


Repairing the house he bought online is taking up much of Dane’s cash.  So, needing a job, he manages to talk the local newspaper editor into hiring him to do a series of articles on how Piper is handling the proposals her grandmother’s ad generates.  However, his attraction to her is causing him to have doubts about the job.  How will Piper take it when she finds out he is spying on her and reporting it in the newspaper?  Will she use her newfound information about him - which she finds in the tabloids - to get her revenge despite the feelings she has for him?


LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is a very amusing read.  Readers will get caught up in the story as the Dane and Piper struggle with their attraction to each other and the hurt brought about by their past.  Humor and steamy romance abound in this timely romance.  Those who enjoy love-and-laughter romances should place LOVE THY NEIGHBOR at the top of their “to read” list.

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