Love Will Find a Way
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2006 - 5:16:00 PM

After twenty-five years of marriage Emily Franklin's husband informs her that he wants a divorce. Even before their marriage, Emily had forgone her own dreams and desires in favor of Robert's expectations. Being on her own is scary, but Emily makes the choice to rebuild her life by following her own wishes and for the first time gain a sense of independence.

Robert is having a mid-life crisis. Instead of buying a fancy car and dying his hair, he makes the decision to divorce his faithful wife in favor of a younger mistress. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize the horrible mistake he's made until after the divorce is finalized and he's destroyed his family.

When Robert asked Emily to go away to their favorite Inn for the weekend, Emily thought it was for a romantic tryst. Robert just wanted to go somewhere private so he could tell Emily that he wanted a divorce without being interrupted by the constant flow of people and demands in their home. Emily never saw the devastating news coming. Hindsight is 20/20 though and there were signs that she hadn't heeded.

What would you do if after being married for twenty-five years your husband decided he wanted a divorce? Rant and rave, douse his clothes in gasoline and burn them, fight the divorce, sue for alimony? Not Emily! She gave Robert his divorce, refused alimony, went to work for the library system (she'd been a volunteer at a local library for years), and set about making a new life for herself. Emily meets each new challenge head on, including their sons attitudes regarding the divorce and discovers that there is more to her than just being Mrs. Robert Franklin.

Barri Bryan's LOVE WILL FIND A WAY brings to light the effects of divorce on everyone involved. Instead of being negative though, Ms. Bryan uses divorce to show Emily's growth as she becomes sure of herself. For the first time she's making decisions for herself instead of what her husband or children want. By the time Robert admits to his mistake, Emily's a new woman with a mind all her own. I adore the strength that Emily displays as she takes on this new phase in her life, and that she was willing to do it without depending on Richard's support. LOVE WILL FIND A WAY will draw readers into the storyline and touch your heart as you imagine the feelings of each of the characters depicted. Wonderful story.

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