Love With a Proper Rancher
By Briana Burress
Jul 11, 2006 - 3:05:00 PM

After two failed relationships, Paige Cavanaugh thought she had finally found happiness with fiancé, Michael Baldwin.  That dream is shattered just a few minutes before Paige is to walk down the isle.  Michael doesn’t love her.  Their marriage is a business arrangement between her father and the Baldwin’s.  Devastated, Paige leaves town in search of place where she can lay low while she tries to figure out what she wants to do next with her life. 

Paige’s journey takes her to the small town of White Tail.  She runs out of gas in the wee hours of the morning and pulls into a nearby lot where she quickly falls asleep.  She is awakened to angry taps on the roof of her car and the most piercing blue eyes are leering at her.  They just happen to belong to the town golden boy, Ryan Cutter.  Would you believe he thinks she is a vagrant?


The rest of the town sure makes Paige feel welcomed.  After she rents a cozy room at Ms. Anderson’s, she is hired on as a reporter for the local paper, The Ledger.  Avoiding Ryan is extremely hard since he is so involved with everything here.  The paper sends her on assignment to report on a fundraiser at Ryan’s Circle C Ranch.


Paige accepts his invitation to answer any questions she has for her article after everyone leaves for the evening.  As the night ends passionately in Ryan’s bed, Paige knows she is in deep trouble.  There was definitely more than just sex between them last night, but did Ryan feel it too?  When she finally breaks down and tells him the truth, will he walk away just like the others?

LOVE WITH A PROPER RANCHER is a wonderful, erotic tale between a city gal and country gent who discover that love can creep up on you when you least expect it.  Being smacked in the face with her fiancé’s treachery was the best thing to ever happen to Paige.  Leaving the big city behind and finding the peacefulness of small-town life sure has its privileges.  The vast array of characters only adds spice and allure to this awesome tale.   Judith C. Rochelle gives us such an entertaining story that I could not put down, I give her 4.5.

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