Love and Protect
By Claudette
May 14, 2011 - 5:15:40 PM

The body that Erin Montgomery is supposed to be guarding, is attached to a man to whom Erin owes a huge debt.  Sexy and intense singer Sean Ledger has millions of fans, unfortunately one of them is determined to make sure that if they cannot have him, then they will ensure that no one else will.  Erin just has to stick to the script and pose as his bimbo groupie girlfriend, but Sean doesn't want to play, he wants her in truth.


Former DEA agent Erin Montgomery is still dealing with post traumatic stress caused by the failiure of her last assignment.  She only agrees to take on the undercover job to identify the stalker threatening singer Sean Ledger; because she owes Sean a very big favor.  Sean has attracted a stalker, either through his fame or because of his promiscuity.  Sean has been trying to fill his emotional emptiness with one night stands, but the brief moments of connection he feels during sex are no longer making up for the yawning void he feels the rest of the time.



Sean’s main concern is to identify Persephone, as his stalker calls herself, before what had previously been malicious vandalism of his property becomes violence aimed at his fellow band members.  So he contacts his foster brother, Braedon, who is Erin’s former partner.  Though she is posing as Sean’s girlfriend, Erin is determined to not fall into the groupie role in truth, and end up in Sean’s bed.



As soon as Sean lays eyes on his fictitious girlfriend he wants her, but he’s sexually very dominant, and Erin is not the kind of person who trusts easily.  From Erin’s point of view, no matter how sexy she finds Sean, she has a job to do and she can’t do it on her back.  When Erin is unable to resist Sean’s brand of intense sensuality, they start an affair.  Feeding hungers neither one of them acknowledged they had.  The relationship between the main characters is strengthened by their shared past  Sean may not recognize Erin when she arrives as his personal bodyguard, but they are still connected regardless.


Erin’s presence as Sean’s girlfriend provokes the stalker to up the ante.  How vigilant can Erin be when she is more caught up in the pleasure to be found in Sean’s arms than in tracking the stalker?


This is an emotively driven novel, with hot sex that has distinct BDSM elements.  Ms. Simone has a deft and humorous touch with dialogue that bears noting.  If you like your romance intensely sexual and emotional, and who doesn’t?  This is one for you.

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