A Cupid, Texas novel - Love at First Sight

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: May 28, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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At twenty-nine, Natalie McCleary, owner and operator of a bed and breakfast, Cupid’s Rest, has never been in love so she feels less than qualified to give advice to the lovelorn. Living with her younger sister Zoey, Natalie is the more responsible of the two. Zoey is working towards her college degree, but she has already changed her major four times. The two girls lost their parents to a tragic accident years earlier, an accident in which Natalie watched their mother die. The accident also broke Natalie's leg in twenty-two places, leaving her with a limp. In their town of Cupid, Texas, falling in love at first sight is a normal occurrence. With the town being built around romance, originating with Millie Greenwood, Natalie and Zoey’s ancestor, the bed and breakfast had been thriving. But then some big corporations got wind of the town’s legend and now Natalie is struggling to compete against luxurious hotels, compelling her to take in longtime boarders. Recently, one of her boarders, Red, a veteran, has gone missing and she cannot help her concern over his sudden disappearance.                      

Dade Vega, an ex-Navy SEAL, had sustained a head injury in Afghanistan four years ago, but he has been recovering and stays on the move, never settling in one place. Born to druggie parents and thrust in one foster home after another, Dade doesn’t believe in love. His friend and foster brother Red, who had served in the SEALS with him, had gotten comfortable in Cupid, but then three days ago, Red texted Dade a Mayday message and now he is missing. Using a secret code that only the two of them understand, Red had let Dade know he was in trouble and warned him to trust no one. So Dade plans to infiltrate the town and see what he can find out without letting anyone know who he is.


Natalie has never really bought into the whole love-at-first-sight concept, but when she catches the eye of a motorcyclist, her whole world is turned around. She reluctantly rents Red’s room to Dade because she needs the money and she worries that Red will not return. As their mutual concern over Red draws them closer together, Dade and Natalie are unable to deny their desire for each other and things soon turn heated. But when Dade is suddenly missing too, after they spend an incredible night together, Natalie is left wondering if the love is only one-sided. Did he roar out of town after their one night together, or did the danger in the town claim another victim?


An enticing read, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, the first book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Wilde’s new CUPID, TEXAS series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance that will sweep you up into the lives of the people of that small town. I could not help rooting for Dade and Natalie, two people who have each suffered so much in the past. The love scenes between them are tender and scorching hot. Due to the legend of the town, letters arrive from all over addressed to Cupid….letters which are answered by a committee of women in the town, including Natalie. As she strives to answer one such letter, her own love life begins to unfold, allowing Natalie to empathize with the letter’s writer. Filled with humor, tragedy, danger, suspense, Cupid, sizzling sensuality, mystery and tender love, this story is delightful. As I await the chance to read the next story in this delicious series, ALL OUT OF LOVE, due out in June 2013, be sure to pick up your own copy of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I recommend it to anyone who loves a warmly romantic story with a bit of mystery and plenty of spice.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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