Love for Christmas

Author: Kate Hofman

Publisher: The Dark Castle Lords Publications

Release Date: November 28, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Eloïse Dumaresqu is taking a well-deserved winter vacation at a beautiful resort in Montreal, courtesy of her employer.  It's a rare treat.  Ellie works hard and earns a decent salary, but she spends little on herself.  Two years earlier, Ellie divorced successful author Nick Quentin, her husband of seven years.  She is miserable without him, but his venomous assistant, Monique, had convinced Eloïse he would be far happier without her, leaving him free to marry Monique.  As she rarely had a moment alone with Nick, she simply took Monique at her word, and refused to beg Nick to give their marriage a chance.  She even refused alimony from her wealthy ex-husband, preferring to simply make a clean break.

Nick Quentin has spent a miserable two years without his beloved Ellie.  He refuses to think of her as his ex-wife.  In his heart, they are still married.  Nick doesn't understand why Ellie divorced him in the first place, but he didn't want to stand in the way of her happiness.  He may have lost Ellie, but at least Nick has freed himself of the harpy who used to serve as his assistant and secretary.  Working with Monique was unpleasant enough during his marriage.  It became downright unbearable after his divorce.  Between writing novels and his involvement in movie adaptations of his work, Nick has kept himself extremely busy.


Taking a break from his demanding schedule, Nick is spending the Christmas holidays at an exclusive, quiet resort in the Laurentians in Montreal.  He is taken completely by surprise when he runs into Eloïse in the hotel bar.  Even after two years apart, Nick's beautiful Ellie is still firmly ensconced in his heart.  Now that he's seen her, can he touch her?  Hold her?  Taste her?  There's no question, Nick still loves his Ellie.  Can he win her back?


It has taken Ellie two long years to finally get over Nick.  She can't possibly risk her heart again, only to have it torn apart when their holiday ends.  But if Ellie isn't careful, she just may find herself falling in love with Nick all over again.


Oh, the consequences of pride, fueled by a terrible lack of communication.  How different could their lives have been if only Nick and Ellie had talked to each other, instead of blindly believing the word of a shrew with nothing to lose, and plenty to gain?  Ellie and Nick each thought they were doing what the other wanted.  Instead, they deprived each other of what their hearts treasured most.  I hoped they would take the second chance fate offered, and not let anyone or anything come between them again.  A feel-good reunion story with a generous dose of heat, LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS is a worthy gift for anyone who loves romance.  Why not treat yourself?

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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